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At some point you will be asked to insert the CD. This means the second CD the one with ‘Graphic Disc’ on it. Select ‘Device’ and the following list is shown. Move the mouse to the wanted object, click left button of mouse, wspaol object will be selected. Press and hold Ctrl Key in maanual, then Press and hold left button of mouse, drag the mouse to get a blue frame. Only the objects inside of this frame would be selected after you release the mouse.

Master selected status and Slave selected status. If more than one objects are selected, only one of the selected objects is called master selected status. The other selected objects we call slave selected status. The two selected status is shown as bellow: Use the Copy command or click icon to place the selecting group or objects into Clipboard. To choose one of the Text commands, choose the command from the Text menu, or click on the Icon.

When selecting a command from Text menu, click on Text, then drag the cursor down to the desired command. Node Edit Tool Bar to get a panel as F When selecting a command from Advance menu, click on Advance, then drag the cursor down to the desired command. Mahual one of the Options commands from the Options menu.

When selecting a command from Options menu, click on Options, then drag the cursor down to the desired command. Requirement for your computer system 1. The screen will display as: There are 3 options of installation: Files of essential program, and files of help; – Compact: Essential program files; – Custom: Files of essential program necessary.

Finally select ‘change’ Then select OK.

You should now be able to use the cutter. Press Shift key while moving mouse to get circle. Files of essential program, and files of help.

Other components you would like to install. You should understand the artuct first, then continue to familiarize yourself with the program. Displays the name of the program and file name you are currently working on. Cllick on a menu category to access a list of commands. Press and hold the mouse on the icon, artcug description will be displayed.


Standard Windows type slide bars which are used to shift the view of screen. Information about the currently selected command.

IBS University | Artcut Training Manual

Method of selecting object: Press and hold left button of mouse, drag the mouse to get a blue frame. All objects inside and on the border of this frame would be selected after you release the mouse.

The master selected status is identified by a red cross in the center of maanual selected frame.

The Typesetting Objects in Working Area. There are 4 kinds of objects in The Software. Each of which is bordered esaol an oblong and can be moved or resized using mouse or keyboard. You can edit this object in the following way: This object can be exported to cutter plotter or engraver directly. The Software defined deferent operation status of mouse cursor, which can be exchanged from each others. The cursor will be different according to the being imported graphics, such as etc. You can press the left key of mouse keep on and drag the mouse to import graphics.

The cursor on screen is, which is for nodes editing using mouse or keyboard. Mznual change of a graphics follows its nodes editing. The software would auto separate layout in multiple pages to plot when the page size setting is beyond scope of the plot. To Exit The Software system, there are 3 ways: Drawing box Zoom in: Once you select this command, press and hold the left mouse to create the area you want to zoom in upon, once you release the mouse, it will fill the screen with the selected area.

Display the screen as the cursor being the center.

Artcut User Manual – orthogratis

Ungroup the selected objects to several graphics. Chapter 5 File Menu. The commands in the file menu are shown as bellow: To start a new Layout. To open an existing AC6 file. You can open a file from current directory defaut: Double click on a file, Artcut will select the file and open it. To close current layout.

You will be prompted to save the layout if any changes were made since the last save or if it has not already been saved. To save the current layout. If you are saving a file for the first time, the save file dialog box will be displayed.

Refer to the Save As command for more information. Choosing directory and file name to save current layout as a AC6 file. You can select current using scanner. You could scan image base on this dialog box. If the image file is 1 bit Bmp format, Image Tracing is more efficient.


You could scan a image or load a existing image file. A 24 bits true color image will be transferred into color automatically. A dialog Box displays as bellow, which shows the basic information of the image.

Click Next, a dialog box displays as bellow. If the image has fine quality, you could select No in front of Smooth, otherwise select Yes. If the borders of the image mainly are straight lines, choose High for Intensity of Line Check. If they are curves, choose Low. It is recommend to choose middle in most cases.

Click OK, then the Software. This function is for making large breadth images with hazy effect using cutter plotter. Click Strip Image from File Menu to display a dialog box for selecting object image. Select the object image and Click Open, a dialog box displays basic information of the image. Click Next to get a dialog box as bellow: The image remaining on the paste after pulling the frame off is positive film. The manua part is negative.

The print command is convenient, especially separate printing a layout to papers at random size. Click print icon to set print parameters, then click print, or Click print preview icon from Common tool bar to get a dialog box as bellow: Print the layout to fit in one paper.

Artcut 2009

Of Artgrave software only. Set a horizontal line or vertical line to separate the current layout to multiple parts. That is means the separating part could be plot separately.

Chapter 6 Edit Menu. To choose one of the editing commands, choose the command from the Edit menu, or click on the Icon. When selecting arrtcut command from Edit menu, click on Edit, then drag the cursor down to the desired command. To reverse your most recent action. It espxol be espwol as many as 8 times to undo previous editing operations. Use the Redo command to reverse any operation changed by the Undo command.

You can continue select the Redo command. Change cursors to text input status. After choosing the Text Input, you could move the mouse and select anywhere in the working area to input text.