Roquette® Mannitol is a white crystalline powder with a very light sweet flavour. It is non-cariogenic, and has good thermal stability and low hygroscop. PEARLITOL®. Mannitol. Roquette. Obtained industrially by hydrogenation of fructose, it’s main uses in the food industry are in chewing gums, chewy sweets and. Mannitol is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations and food products. Mannitol may be used in direct-compression tablet applica- . Roquette Fre`res).

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According to another embodiment of the invention, the coagglomerates comprise mannitol and starch and can, in addition, contain any suitable additive provided that it is not detrimental to the desired properties of the final granules, such as, in particular, flavorings, dyes, stabilizers, binders, lubricants or preservatives.

Get in touch to discuss requirements. We provide expertise and innovation to all stages of pharmaceutical development, backed by uncompromised quality standards mannitl a secure supply chain, instilling confidence to create a robust formulation.

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PEARLITOL Mannitol DC from Roquette Pharma – Product Description and Details

Get in touch to discuss requirements. In the method in accordance with the invention, it is particularly advantageous to have a high content of mannitol crystals in the suspension of mannitol and of starch. The pharmaceutical industry consumes many tons of starch and mannitol. This comment must be less than chars. Know the product you’re looking for? Protein stability Cell cultures solutions. However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer.

PEARLITOL Mannitol DC from Roquette Pharma

The mixture is tableted on a Fette Exacta 21 instrumented alternating press Fette GmbH, D Schwarzenbekequipped with flat punches 16 mm in diameter. Preferably, the following steps can be carried out: In addition, it does not have disintegrating properties. For more information visit our doquette policy and learn how to customize cookies setting.


The coagglomerate of mannitol mxnnitol fine particle size and of native starch is used as binder, as diluting agent and as disintegrating agent.

The test D consists in carrying out an in vivo disintegration test with a panel of trained individuals. The maintaining at this temperature makes it possible to stabilize the content of mannitol crystals in the suspension.

Sodium starch glycolate provides pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers with a range of superdisintegrants for different formulation needs. These modifications are, however, introduced mainly by adding multiple ingredients: It is meant to provide general information about our products and facilities. We are unable to carryout a sample roquete right now. Other Properties and Benefits. Talk to us about how we can help you address the carbon foot print and sustainability targets for your products.

Our ingredients help you address the needs of consumers who are looking for cleaner and mannito, material consumption. The coagglomerates according to the invention are characterized by their compression behavior, determined according to a test C.

The third step thus consists in spray-drying said suspension in mabnitol MSD i. The coagglomerates as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that they disintegrate in the mouth, according to a test D, in less than 60 seconds, preferably in less than 40 seconds. To facilitate your successful biopharmaceutical formulation, Roquette offers expertise and innovation to all stages of development, backed by uncompromised quality standards and a secure supply chain.

When a product is verified mannjtol for sale’ in a country, you can be assured that Roquette has met all the standards and registrations required by that country’s regulatory authorities. Your enquiry Your enquiry. Product not available for sale.

Coprocessed: Mannitol, starch

The coagglomerates mnnitol claimed in claim 1, characterized in that they give, according to a test C, tablets with a hardness of between N and N at a compression force of less than 40 kN. Please agree to our terms before we can reply to your question see Data Protection page Please agree to manmitol terms before we can reply to your question see Data Protection page.


View Industrial Markets products View market information. We are unable to carryout a sample order right now.

Furthermore, all three of these tablets with active ingredients have a very short disintegration time in the mouth, less than 30 seconds, as recommended by the health authorities. Please try again later or alternatively you can contact us. Your request Your enquiry. The Pea in Motion Discover more.

Roquette is a leading producer of starch ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. In the field of the production of orodispersible tablets by spray-drying or by direct compression, mention may, for example, be made of: Our in-process quality control ensures a consistent supply of raw materials and excipients to support your needs.

PEARLITOL® – Mannitol – Products | Ferromet

You may order up to 3 samples per product. Baking Baking overview Fiber enrichment Protein enrichment Sugar reduction Texturizing solution Beverage Confectionery Confectionery Sugar-free chewing-gum Sugar-free tablet Dairy Dairy overview Alternative proteins Texturizing solutions Savoury Savoury overview Batters coatings Meat analogue Sauces texturizing solutions Specialized nutrition Specialized nutrition overview Maternal and baby nutrition Weight management Sports protein nutrition Sports recovery Senior clinical nutrition Ageing more diabetes Ageing more fibre Food and nutrition expertise Selected ingredients.

The change in the force applied is monitored for seconds. The Email is required. Login to your account. Roquette is a leader in providing carbohydrates for cell culture, and developing novel technology for protein stabilization.