ECG bpm. Gracias! Presentación del caso. Antecedentes: Es una deformidad congénita del oído externo. Ocurre en uno de cada. ANATOMÍA MALFORMACIONES CONGÉNITAS TRAUMATISMOS AURICULARES PABELLÓN AURICULAR EMBRIOLOGÍA CUARTA SEMANA Inicio cuarta. La microtia es una malformacion congenita caracterizada por ausencia total o parcial del pabellon auricular o partes del mismo, que varia desde una oreja.

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Prevalencia de nacimiento de microtia-anotia: Download PDF Cite this paper. The prevalence of microtia-anotia in the period was 8. Chilean hospitals have an uniform prevalence of 5. Thirtyseven percent presented as isolated malformations and the rest aauricular associated to other defects. Eightysix percent of non isolated cases were part of a syndrome.

Sixty eight percent were mild or moderateforms and the rest, severe forms. Two cases were stillborns and two newborns died before hospitaldischarge.


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The epidemiology of anotia and microtia journal of medical genetics [IF: Are you looking for