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There’s a new model this year, the iPhone XS Max. That has identical features, but is larger and has a 6. Design and build Both phones are among the most attractive around. This is – of course – entirely subjective though.

It isn’t new for an iPhone, but it wasn’t available on the iPhone X last mahaoolice, so even if you opt for the one with the 5. Apple’s screens have an even bezel around their perimeter but the Huawei has a thicker bottom bezel.

However, unlike on many Android phones this is functional as there’s a slim fingerprint scanner there – ideal for anyone who doesn’t like a rear-mounted scanner. Water resistance is standard across the board: The P20 Pro has the slightly lower IP67 rating, but all of these phones can be fully immersed in water for up to 30 minutes, so you can use them for some shallow underwater filming and photography. Stereo sound works the same way, using a bottom-firing speaker applicarion the earpiece speaker that’s usually used for phone calls.

That being said, the Galaxy Note 9 seems to offer more in terms of features and capabilities at this price point. The expandable storage means you can save a huge amount of money compared to the iPhone, while the S-Pen remains a significant differentiator. Both require real financial commitment to purchase, so be sure to spend as much time as you can with one in a store before pulling the trigger. Since then every other manufacturer has followed suit, with even Apple subsequently offering Plus-sized models.

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Now, the Californian giant has introduced a new device that boasts the biggest display ever to grace its smartphone range.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

We compare the two. It should be noted that both handsets support microSD cards up to GB, which makes it possible to actually carry htmp of storage on a phone. If your iPhone is locked to a particular carrier, it can be truly frustrating. But there are other ways to unlock your iPhone so that you can use any SIM card.

Here, we show you how. Some iPhones are easier to unlock than others, depending on the carrier and the phone’s circumstances. Most iPhones purchased within the past few years will actually be unlocked already, but if your iPhone is older, your mobile phone provider may be able to unlock the phone for free, or you might find that you’re able to unlock your iPhone yourself.

You’ll discover that your iPhone has been locked to a particular network if you insert a SIM card from another network into the iPhone and attempt to make a call.

If it doesn’t work, it’s likely that your iPhone is locked to your network. Unlocking your iPhone is completely legal if you purchased the device unsubsidised or have finished paying for your contract. However, if you’re still paying for your contract, you technically don’t own the iPhone yet, so you really should check with your carrier before unlocking it.

To unlock your EE iPhone, you’ll need to have had your account for at least six months, and you’ll need to have paid all of your bills to date. Xiaomi Black Shark full review Razer took the smartphone market by storm late last year, releasing a smartphone aimed at gamers featuring impressive specs and a Hz display. The Xiaomi Black Shark is the cheapest of the gaming-focused smartphone range but offers unique features that make it worth considering, including a bespoke game controller that boasts universal Android game support.

If you want to change SIMs in your phone or sell your phone on, you might be trying to work out whether it is locked to a particular network or not.


Here, we show you how to find out if you phone is unlocked. There are a number of reasons why you might want an unlocked phone or tablet. Maybe you want to use a different SIM card when abroad for cheaper calls on texts, or want to switch networks. Or perhaps you’ve purchased a phone online and want to know if it’s locked to a particular network, or want to make sure it’s unlocked in order to sell it.

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If your phone or tablet is locked, you will only be able to use a SIM card from the mobile network it’s locked to. This can be very frustrating if you need to use a SIM from a different network only to find that your phone won’t let you. If you purchased your phone SIM-free and you’ve purchased it brand new rather than second-handit’s almost definitely going to be unlocked to allow you to decide which SIM you want to put in it. However, buying one on contract from a phone shop or a network might mean that it’s locked.

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It might cost you a small fee, and sometimes you’ll need to wait until your contract is up to unlock the phone, but that will depend on the network the phone is locked to. Services brands such as How to unlock an iPhone and use any SIM If your iPhone is locked to a particular carrier, it can be truly frustrating.

Competitive brands such as Having an unlocked phone gives you freedom to use any SIM If you want to change SIMs in your phone or sell your phone on, you might be trying to work out whether it is locked to a particular network or not.