Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy. Front Cover. D. N. Dwivedi. Tata McGraw- Hill Publishing Company Limited, – Macroeconomics – pages. ps://? id= Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy. By D. N. Dwivedi. Macroeconomics: Theory & Policy, 3/e [DWIVEDI] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book provides a comprehensive discussion on .

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Introduction to Macroeconomics Chapter 2: Theory of National Income Determination Chapter 5: Keynesian Theory of Income Determination: A Simple Economy Model Chapter 7: Determination of Income in a Closed Economy Model: A Model with Government Sector Chapter 9: Determination of Income in Open Economy Model: Theories of Consumption and Investment Chapter Theories of Aggregate Consumption Chapter Definition, Kinds, Functions and Importance Chapter The Supply of Money Chapter Two Sector Economy Chapter Government Sector Dwiveei Foreign Sector Chapter Determination of Output, Prices, Employment: Economic Growth and Business Cycles Chapter Theories of Economic Growth Chapter Dynamics of Inflation and Unemployment Chapter Meaning, Measurement and Effects Chapter Theories of Inflation and Control Measures Chapter International Aspects of Macroeconomics Chapter The Foreign Exchange Rate Chapter Meaning and Assessment Chapter Monetary and Fiscal Policies Chapter macroeconokics Meaning, Objectives and Formulation Chapter Monetary Policy Chapter Certified BuyerKottayam District.


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This book provides a comprehensive discussion on macroeconomics by exploring the different stages of growth of macroeconomics – classical, Keynesian and post-Keynesian. Macroeclnomics for postgraduate and undergraduate students, the new edition is thoroughly revised with simplified interpretations and examples and updated with latest economic data.

Updated information with latest economic data and extensively revised text. Enriched pedagogy with new chapter-end questions. Add 3 Items to Cart.

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