L’identit? de sp?cimens malais de Macrobrachium lanchesteri (De Man, ), est In this paper, the taxonomy of M. lanchesteri (De Man, ) is clarified, a. A species of potential value is Cryphiops (Macrobrachium) lanchesteri (de Man), despite its relatively small size. Favourable features include: the large numbers. Freshwater prawn Macrobrachium lanchesteri is commonly present in the rivers in Setiu Wetland and is regarded as a key health indicator of.

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Paracheirodon axelrodi Cardinal tetra. Cichlasoma salvini Salvin’s Cichlid. Tetraodon lineatus Fahaka Puffer, Nile Puffer. Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma Bleeding heart tetra.

Celestichthys erythromicron Emerald Dwarf Rasbora. Acanthocobitis botia Zipper Loach.

There is one dominate male that is larger than the others and has larger claws. Its absence from acid sulphate waters may well be due to the marked anion excess and consequent low pH of these waters. Alfaro cultratus Knife Livebearer, Knife-edged Livebearer. Intolerance to high concentrations of ammonia is lanhcesteri possible limiting factor. Bedotia geayi Madagascar rainbowfish. Saururus cernuus Lizard’s tail. Geosesarma dennerle Purple Vampire Crab.

Distichodus sexfasciatus Six-banded Distichodus. Corydoras trilineatus Leopard catfish, Three line cory. macrbrachium


Tetraodon fluviatilis Green pufferfish. Synodontis contractus Bugeye squeaker. Boehlkea fredcochui Blue tetra, Cochu’s Blue Tetra.

Macrobrachium lanchesteri stock photos

Belontia signata Ceylonese combtail. Low oxygen content might be operative in some habitats but the species is absent even where the oxygen content is apparently high. Like other prawns, C. Atya spinipes Newport is the object of a very small-scale subsistence fishery in a few areas. As stated earlier, C. Marisa cornuarietis Giant ramshorn snail. Not sure if the others are female, but at least 3 are with eggs all the time. Trichopsis vittata Croaking gourami.

Thus in Lake Chenderoh in Perak, snails and bivalves are very abundant, yet, according to the analysis kindly provided by J. Hyphessobrycon flammeus Flame tetra, Red tetra. Lanchester’s Freshwater PrawnA small freshwater shrimp. I did have a feather-fin rainbow die after acclamation and they made quick lunch of the corpse. Johnson b gives 7.

Thoracocharax stellatus Silver hatchetfish, Spotfin Hatchetfish. Leporacanthicus triactis Three Beacon Pleco. Saved one filter Removed from saved filters. Andinoacara rivulatus Green Terror. It changed coloring once it got in my tank, and now isn’t clearish like a ghost shrimp.

It should be noted, however, that it has never been collected from macrobtachium habitat with oxygen so low as to be undetectable by the ordinary Winkler method. Where can I get some??? Otocinclus cocama Zebra Oto.


Danio rerio Zebra danio. Cryptocoryne blassii Giant crypt. The females carry the fertilised eggs in their abdomen area. Hemiodontichthys acipenserinus Knobnose Whiptail Catfish. Microctenopoma ansorgii Ornate lachesteri. The large-sized males differ somewhat from macrobeachium smaller individuals previously described and will necessitate a redescription of the species.

Echinodorus cordifolius Radicans sword. Thayeria boehlkei Blackline penguinfish.

They have been examined by Johnson a together with specimens collected by Flower. Yasuhikotakia morleti Skunk Loach.

Macrobrachium lanchesteri – Glass shrimp, Ghost shrimp | Tropical Fish |

Polypterus delhezi Armoured bichir, Banded bichir. Corydoras schwartzi Schwartz’s Cory. The relation between distribution of several species and various physical and chemical factors is discussed by Johnson b. Pseudomugil mellis Honey Macrobrzchium. The maximum flow which the author has recorded for such a habitat was 0. They are now larger than most of my fish, but do not seem to be a risk. Chloride ion concentration has already been considered under section 3.

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