Italian term or phrase: macerazione carbonica. Tratto da una sceda tecnica su un vino rosso. Può essere углекислое созревание? C’è un termine più adatto?. macerazione carbonica translation in Italian-English dictionary. cawiki Maceració carbònica; dewiki Kohlensäuremaischung; enwiki Carbonic carbonique; itwiki Macerazione carbonica; nlwiki Macération carbonique; nowiki .

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Macerazione carbonica » Italian Wine Guide

The grape used to obtain the beaujolais nouveau wine is Gamay. The technique used for the production is carbon maceration. What does it mean with this technique?

Carbonic maceration consists in placing whole grape bunches in steel containers previously saturated with carbon dioxide. The skins yield their colored pigments to the pulp, increase the glycerin along with the demolition of malic acid and volatile compounds are formed.


macerazione carbonica

The grapes are then pressed and the must started at normal alcoholic fermentation. It can be served fresh like a white wine.

For its characteristics, it must be consumed in a short time, at most within six months of bottling. Beaujolais nouveau wine in France can be marketed from 6 November and bottled until 31 December of the vintage year.

The tradition of novello wine has also spread to Italybut there are many differences with the French cousin. Also since the novello wine can be marketed starting from Generally speaking, Italian novello wine is a marketing tactic rather than a product of our tradition and it have not to be confused carbonlca new wine because, as explained, it involve a different production technique. It matches well with chestnuts for a seasonal mix, but it can also pair with cold cuts and cheeses not too seasoned and aromatic.

Novello wine, carbonic maceration and beaujolais nouveau. Which are the characteristics of the wine obtained with carbonic maceration?


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Novello wine, carbonic maceration and beaujolais nouveau.

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