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Samael Aun Weor Hebrew: Samael Aun Weor referred to his teachings as ‘The Doctrine of Synthesis’, which not only emphasizes the existence of the perennial philosophybut that its highest teleological function is the accomplishment of ‘Christification’ and ‘Final Liberation. His childhood and family life are not well known, except that he had a brother, and his father remarried after a litelamtes.

He was sent to a Roman Catholic Jesuit school but soon quit disillusioned by religion; he was twelve years old at the time.

Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua: Biography of Arnoldo Krumm-Heller

Between the time after World War II and his death inKrumm-Heller resumed contact with his Latin America students, where he encountered and subsequently mentored Victor Rodriguez who would subsequently take the name Samael Aun Weor. In his autobiographical account, The Three MountainsSamael Aun Weor stated that because he was born with an awakened consciousnesshe was analyzing the previous lives in which he awakened his consciousness before mastering how to walk.

Few details of his life are known between the mids and He became a spiritual vagabond of sorts, traveling with neither home nor income. At one point he lived with a tribe of indigenous people in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia, learning the healing secrets which would later form the foundation of his medical treatise, Occult Medicine and Practical Magic.

However, inhe met and married the Lady-Adept “Litelantes” born Arnolda Garro Mora with whom he lived for 35 years and had four children: Osiris, Isis, Iris, Hypatia. Samael Aun Weor explains that as soon as he met her, this “Lady-Adept” Genie began to instruct him in the Science of Jinnestan or Jinn State also known as Djinn State or Djinnestan, which he claims involved placing the physical body in the fourth dimension.

In he began teaching a small group of students. Seen as immoral and pornographic, Aun Weor found himself fleeing angry mobs attempting to silence him through violent means. From March 14 to 19 of Aun Weor spends five days in jail for “committing the crime of healing the sick”. On October 27,Aun Weor received what is referred to as the “Initiation of Tiphereth “, which, according to his doctrine, is the beginning of the incarnation of the Logos or ” Glorian ” within the soul.

He states that in his case the name of his Glorian has always been called “Samael” through the ages. From then on, he would sign his name Samael Aun Weor.

Upon being litelxntes exactly what such a title meant, he responded:. A messenger or avatar, in the most complete sense of the word, is a espaaa, a man who delivers a message, a servant or maid of the Great Work.

So, the word avatar must not fall into misinterpretations, iltelantes must be specified with complete clarity. I am, therefore, a servant or crew member, or messenger who delivers a message. Some time ago I said that Litelantess am a cosmic mailman, since I am giving the content of a cosmic letter.

Therefore, my beloved brethren, the word avatar must never lead us to arrogance, since it only means nothing other than an emissary, a servant, a crew member who gives a message, an epistle, and that is all. In regard to Buddha Maitreya, we must analyze these two words a little in order not to fall into misinterpretations.

The Innermost-Buddha in itself is the real Being, the Innermost of each one of us. Thus, when the Innermost or the real Being of somebody has attained its proper intimate Self-realization, then he is declared a Buddha. However, the term Maitreya is individual and collective; thus, from the individual point of view, it represents a teacher whose name is Maitreya, but from the collective point of view Buddha Maitreya must be understood—in the most complete sense of the word—as any initiate who has managed to Christify himself, and that is all.

Although he would declare himself as the litelanges Kalki Avatar many times throughout his works, he also regularly rejected the worship of his personality:. I, Samael, am not in need of henchmen or followers, but only imitators of my doctrine: I do not follow anyone, nor do I want anyone to follow me.


What I want is for each one of you to follow his own Self. I am only a lighthouse in the sea of existence, and I do not need clientele in order to subsist. Since I am against the slavery of souls, I do not want to enslave any soul, nor do I agree with executioners of ideals.

Samael Aun Weor

Masters exists in abundance, and I am only one of many; thus, those who want to find the Masters will find them inside, within the profundities of their own inner consciousness. Later inhe settled down for good in Mexico Citywhere he would begin his public life. Beforehe had published 20 more books with topics ranging from Endocrinology and Criminology to Kundalini Yoga.

In spite of the victories, the development of the Gnostic Movement was not without dramatic setbacks. At the time of publishing the revised edition of The Perfect Matrimonythe movement had fallen apart.

He wrote that “those who did not leave the Gnostic Movement can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Into the s, he continued to write many books on topics, such as Hermetic AstrologyFlying Saucersand the Kabbalah.

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In what was to be the last decade of his life, he penned works such as Parsifal Unveiledwhich details the esoteric symbolism of the Wagner opera, and Gnostic Anthropology in which he heavily criticizes the theories of DarwinHaeckel”and their followers”.

The books The Great RebellionTreatise of Revolutionary Psychologyand The Revolution of the Dialectic provide a ground work for the vast knowledge of esoteric psychology purported to be found rooted in every genuine religion.

During this time, he was preparing the highest vehicle of his doctrine, The Pistis Sophia Unveiled[25] in which he meditated, verse-by-verse, upon the extremely esoteric Gnostic text Pistis Sophia. Although he never formally received any income from his works – he lived off the charity of his students – at the International Gnostic Congress Samael Aun Weor he clarified his stance on the copyright dspaa his works by stating:.

Now, my dear friends, and forever, I renounce, have renounced and will go on renouncing copyrights. My only wish is that these books be sold at a low price, affordable to the poor, affordable to all the children of God. I wish that even the poorest, most destitue citizen be able to obtain these books with the few pennies he carries in his pocket Whosoever wants to publish them let him publish, for the benefit of diseased mankind.

BySamael Aun Weor referenced that his death and resurrection would be occurring before In the chapter entitled The Resurrection in his work The Three Mountainshe stated that the eight years litelanes ordeals within the Trial of Job would occur between his 53rd and 61st birthdays. Furthermore, in the same work, it litelqntes stated that this ordeal occurs prior to resurrection, and the one going through it is “deprived of everything, even of his own sons, and is afflicted by an impure sickness.

During this time he continued to speak to both his students and the general public, giving radio and television interviews while touring Mexico. Eventually he was forced to stop, due pitelantes debilitating stomach pain. As his condition steadily worsened he would mention to those at his bedside, “Don’t cling to my battered body, instead cling to my doctrinal body.

He was survived by his wife and children.

Years before his death, he declared he would adopt the use of a duly prepared ancient Egyptian ” mummy ” as a vehicle for further work, a vehicle better prepared than his own “physical body”. Many of his followers expected him to return publicly shortly after his death. The Doctrine of Synthesis is a term Aun Weor used to describe the teachings he delivered through his books and lectures, because it purportedly elucidates and eb syncretizes an extensive litelantess of teachings which study the human condition.

Although many of the metaphysical concepts espza by such authors as BlavatskySteinerand Gurdjieff provide a conceptual foundation in Aun Weor’s teachings, he considered these works and movements conceptual preparation for the real unveiling of occultism or gnosis that he taught. His primary goal was not to simply elucidate a myriad of metaphysical concepts, but rather to teach the way to achieve self-realization through the “Direct Path of Christ”.

As he states in The Perfect Matrimony: It is necessary for each human being to Christify himself. It is necessary to incarnate the Christ. Aun Weor emphasizes that his doctrine is experiential, and must be put into practice for it to ltielantes of any value to the student. It is stated that if a student is successful in awakening consciousnesshe or she will eventually experience a continuous state of vigilance not only during the day but also while the physical body is sleeping, and most importantly after death.


This is significant because Aun Weor states that those who have a sleeping consciousness are not aware of their postmortem condition, just as they are not aware when they are physically sleeping.

The awakening of consciousness allows a student liteelantes continue to work regardless of their physical state. Religions are viewed litelanets idiosyncratic expressions of immutable and eternal values.

Samael Aun Weor – Wikipedia

Religions are said to be born and die in time, yet their spiritual values always remain eternal. When a religious form has fulfilled its mission, it begins to degenerate and dies, then a new messenger appears and delivers a doctrine appropriate for that culture.

Different cultures require different doctrines for their development and this results in a vast difference of religious doctrines.

Nevertheless, if one understands their core values, all religions naturally support each other. The psychological work of eliminating the ego. Giving birth to the superior potential of the soul, which is done through chastity and sexual transmutation. Among these 3 factors, Samael Aun Weor highlights that the first one is the most important.

A teaching that is missing any one of these components is considered incomplete or degenerate. The basis of Aun Weor’s Practical Work is of a psychological nature.

He states in many of his books that the purpose of his doctrine is to affect a psychological change. The terms Gnostic, Esoteric or Revolutionary Psychology are used to describe the psychological methods taught, and are said to be synonymous with the psychological teachings of religion.

A fundamental axiom presented is that an ordinary human being is not really human at all, but rather an intellectual animal a rational animal with consciousness asleep. In order to awaken the consciousness correctly, Aun Weor stated it was necessary to annihilate the ego. Gurdjieff and his disciple P. Ouspensky and is one of the reasons Aun Weor was sometimes accused of plagiarism. To this he responded that Gurdjieff was not the author of this doctrine and that its origin is found in Egypt and Tibet.

Consciousness is described as a state of being, very closely related to God. Consciousness asleep is consciousness that is subconsciousunconsciousor infraconscious, which are various levels of psychological sleep. A consciousness asleep is caused by what Aun Weor calls identification, fascination, or the incorrect transformation of impressions, which all imply a type of consciousness that is not aware of its own processes.

It is said that to awaken consciousness one must understand that his or her consciousness is asleep. This implies that one must begin to understand every impulse, action, thought and movement one makes, a feat that is said to be accomplished through the mental discipline of meditation and self-observation. Furthermore, it is stated that the awakening of consciousness is the only way to acquiring gnosis and achieve a true and radical change by removing the spurious psychological aggregates that cause unnecessary suffering.

The purpose of the psychological work is to dissolve all the psychological aggregates one has accumulated. The term “psychological or mystical death” is often used to describe the process one must undergo in order to reach liberation.

In order to achieve psychological transformation, extensive methods of meditation, self-observation, and sexual transmutation are taught and prescribed for daily exercise. We understand people of normal sexuality to be those who have no sexual conflicts of any kind.

Sexual energy is divided into three distinct types. Indeed, sexual energy is without a doubt the most subtle and powerful energy normally produced and transported through the human organism. Everything that a human being is, including the three spheres of thought, feeling and will, is none other than the exact outcome of distinct modifications of sexual energy. Basic physiology is studied, mostly endocrinology and the hormonal influence of primary and secondary sexual characteristics.