Mexica tiene 1 reacciones, y 1 calificaciones y reseñas. Emmanuel dijo: An excellet book to trying undestand in different way this history period. Leggi «Journals of the Plague Years» di Norman Spinrad con Rakuten Kobo. Informazioni sul libro . The Void Captain’s Tale ebook by Norman Spinrad. Ver o livro por dentro. The Druid King (English Edition) por [Spinrad, Norman] . I actually prefer Spinrad’s “Mexica” but this is a decent recap of the take if.

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The prophecy is fulfilled.

The fifth world has fallen. The sixth world is born, and only one man holds the secret of the late empire The year is In a small hut on the slopes of the volcano Popocateptl, scholar and poet Alvaro de Sevilla reflects on his extraordinary life.

Libro MEXICA Norman Spinrad

For Alvaro was one of the small army of conquistadors who, some years earlier, set out to conquer an empire. Hernando Cortes was proclaimed a reincarnation of the god Quetzacoatl shortly after his arrival in the New World, jorman he took advantage and forced his way to the capital city.


There he met Montezuma, the Aztec Emperor, who at first welcomed the conquistadors to his city, showering them with gold.

But it was an encounter between two civilizations that could only end in chaos. Published in Britain as a major historical novel, a best-seller in Spanish translation, Spinraad is the amazing full true story of Hernando Cortes’ conquest of Mexico, told in depth as only a novel could tell it–from both the Spanish and Aztec points of view, by Cortes, by Montezuma and by the only character in the novel who is not a real historical character, Alvaro de Sevilla, a secret Jew who presents yet a third and passionately neutral point of view.

A novel that restored their own true name, Mexica, to the so-called “Aztecs” an insult meaning “barbarians from nowhere” in Nahuatl in Mexico.


liro He has also published something like 60 short stories collected in half a dozen volumes. The novels and stories have been published in about 15 languages.


He is a long time literary critic, sometime film critic, perpetual political analyst, and sometime songwriter. He’s also briefly been a radio phone show host, has appeared as a vocal artist on three albums, and occasionally performs live. He’s posted 21 YouTube videos to date.

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Herramientas de la escuela. Mi familia, mis sentimientos, mis amigos. Estudios sociales y culturales.


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