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muskets, complete; complete sets of accoutrements; sword belts; 75 rifles; pairs horseman’s pistols; 22 horseman’s swords; artil. ley . File Hilam Comportamiento Del Fuego 15 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. HILAM LEY_FEB Ley núm. que modifica el decreto-ley núm. , de , sobre vigilantes Ley núm. , por la que se dictan normas referentes a libertad de.

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Uruguay – Derechos humanos – Ley. Se regula la libertad de prensa y de imprenta, y el derecho de respuesta. Por otra parte, se agregan dos disposiciones: Sets the general concepts, state regulation in the sphere of sanitary-epidemiological sustainability of population, defining the main directions of state policy in this sphere, also sanitary rules, norms and hygienic normative; also introduces state bodies implementing sanitary control, competencies of 1699 authorities, officials, their rights and duties.

Regulates rights and duties of juridical entities and individuals in the sphere of sanitary-epidemiological leu also sets the requirements for provision of sanitary-epidemiological sustainability; deals with organization and conduct of sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemiological measures. Final provisions set, inter alia, dispute resolution, liability for violation of the legislation in this sphere.

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. Establishes lry Rules of Holding Mass Events, which includes, inter alia, general terms of holding mass events, 10699 documents needed to get permission to hold a mass event and 1699 process of consideration of request for the permission, preparation for holding an event, extension, leh and termination of the effect of the granted permission, requirements for ensuring the safety of citizens and public order, prohibited acts of the participants of mass events, the duties and rights of the organizer of an event, control over the organization of mass events; also introduces 4 appendices to the Rules: Repeals, inter alia, the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No.

General provisions Chapter II: Bodies leg institutions, which carry out and participate in lry prevention of violations and their competencies Chapter III: General prevention of violations Chapter 16099 Special prevention of violations Chapter V: Individual prevention of violations Chapter VI: Victimological prevention of violations Chapter VII: Introduces a number of amendments aimed at 61099 democratization of the public authority bodies leyy their governance. Amends, inter alia, Law on Social Protection of the Disabled, rephrasing articles 11 Responsibility for failure to fulfill duties to ensure unhindered access of the disabled to sites of social infrastructure, use of transport, transport communications, means of communication and 109925 guaranteeing employment of the disabled.

Amends Law on the Employment of the Population introducing wording changes to articles 2 employment of the population3 recognition as unemployed4 appropriate job7 additional guarantees of job placement for certain categories of population10 right to job placement13 labor activity of the citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan out of the country and the labor activity of foreign citizens in the Republic of Uzbekistan16 competencies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population and its local bodies in the field of employmentalso minor changes to articles 17, 18, 22, Amends Code of Administrative Responsibilities supplementing article 47 failure to fulfill the duties of upbringing and educating with a new part, rephrasing article 50 violation of the legislation on the employment of the populationsupplementing it with the new articles 51 1 violation of the legislation on the social protection of the disabled4 violation of the legislation on stock activity changing the wording of article 99 violation of the legislation on city constructionintroducing minor wording changes, inter alia, to articles,1; amends also Labor Code changing the wording of articles 60 recognition as unemployed68 additional guarantees for job placement to certain categories of populationsupplementing Code with a new article 1 additional guarantees for the graduates of educational institutionsalso introducing minor changes to articles 63, 65, 72, 84, 90,, repealing articles General Principles Chapter II: Control Over the Activities of Public Associations.

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Responsibility for Violation of the Legislation Chapter V: International Ties of Public Ly. Contains provisions on State financing and its sources, donations to political 160099, and control of the use by political parties of their funds. Defines basic tasks of the Centre inter alia, elaboration of an action plan, development of collaboration with international and national organizations, coordination lej State bodies activitiesits legal status and financing.

Vanuatu 160999 Derechos humanos – Ley. Compensation Forms Regulations No. Viet Nam – Derechos humanos – Ley.

This Law provides for citizen’s rights to be informed of law and responsibility to inquire into and study law; contents and forms of law dissemination and education; responsibilities of competent agencies, organizations and individuals; and conditions for law dissemination and education activities. Makes provision for annual public-labour obligation. Obligation to perform annual public labour applies to Vietnamese citizens, aged between 18 and 45 for men, and between 18 and 35 for women.

Annual public-labour obligation is 10 workdays for every citizen. Also makes provision for exemption from this obligation, public-labour obligation in emergency cases, labour accidents while performing public-labour obligation, responsibilities of ministries and people’s committees of different levels, and sanctions.

Ordinance on public labour obligations No. Provides for citizens’ public labour obligations. Establishes that each citizen must contribute 10 workdays of annual public labour. Annual public labour shall be used for the construction and renovation of traffic roads, irrigation works, health stations, veterans’ graveyards, and other public-utility projects. Section 10 provides for exemptions from this obligation, and Chapter III for public labour obligations in emergency situations.

The Government shall manage and control the Internet as well as international gateways; all organizations using the Internet must install their server in Viet Nam and use prescribed gateways.

Information accessed and transmitted through the Internet must conform with the Oey on Press; consequently, such information shall not “incite opposition to the state”, “disseminate reactionary ideologies and 166099, nor portray “the lecherous and depraved way of life”.

Provides that the press in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam encompasses all means of disseminating information essential to social life; it constitutes the voice of the Party, of the State and social organizations and is a platform for the people’s will.

Guarantees the citizens’ right to freedom of the press and freedom of speech in the press. Also provisions on rights and obligations of the press, state jurisdiction over the press and commendations and rewards, judging of violations. Naming and Definitions Chapter II: Prime Minister Order No.

Malet Vázquez, Mariana

First, the Order defines the structure of the Committee. Second, the Order specifies the role of the technical committee in assisting the Minister of Human Rights in the following areas: Provides for freedom of speech and freedom of press, sets forth requirements to work as a journalist, and specifies which types of materials may not be published or broadcast.

Zambia – Derechos humanos – Ley. An Act to provide for the membership, functions, operations and financial management of the Police- Public Complaints Commission; provide a procedure for the initiation and investigation of complaints against police actions; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.

Millennium Challenge Compact Act, No. An Act to give effect to the Millenium Challenge Compact and Program Implementation Agreement; expand access to; and improve reliability of, water supply, sanitation and drainage services in select urban and peri-urban areas of Lusakain order to reduce the incidence of waterborne and water related diseases; generate time savings for households and businesses and reduce non revenue water in the water supply network by improving water supply and sanitation and drainage services; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.

Human Rights Commission Act No. Provides for function, powers and composition of Human Rights Commission. Functions of Commission include investigation of human rights violations; investigation of any maladministration of justice; and proposing effective measures to prevent human rights abuse.


Emergency Powers Act No.

Empowers President to make emergency regulations whenever an emergency proclamation is in force. President may make provision for detention of persons and restriction of movement. President may also authorise taking into possession or control of any property let undertaking; entering and search of any premise, as well as some other measures. Preservation of Public Security Act No. Empowers president to take certain measures for the preservation of public security.

These include prohibition of publication and dissemination of matter perjudicial to public security; prohibition, leu and control of assemblies; and prohibition, restriction and control of residence, movement and transport of persons. President may also require persons to do work and render services. Zimbabwe – Derechos humanos – Ley.

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The purpose of this Act is to make provision for the powers and operation of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission. Regulates application for registration of mass media services and news agencies, as well as application for accreditation of journalists.

Also provides for application for renewal of registration and accreditation and for levy payable to Media and Information Fund.

Schedules contain prescribed forms for application. Comprehensive legislation on public’s right to access to records and information held by public bodies. Part I contains general provisions. Part II regulates access to information, including modalities of request and response. Part III contains provisions regarding protected information. Part IV deals with information pertaining to third parties. Establishes requirement to notify third party if information concerned pertains to third party.

Part V provides for collection, protection and retention of personal information, and Part VI for use and disclosure of personal information by public bodies.

Parts IX and X deal with power of, and review by Commission. Part XII deals with activities of journalists.

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Political Parties Finance Regulations, S. Provides necessary form for registering a political party. Made under Political Parties Finance Act, Ombudsman Act [Chapter AN ACT to make provision for the Ombudsman, the Deputy Ombudsman and the staff of the Ombudsman; to provide for their powers, duties and procedures; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing. War Victims Compensation Act [Chapter Provides for pey composition of the Commission and its main tasks development of humanitary right, measures proposal, development of international cooperation.

Contains provisions on probihition of discrimination and presents fundamental rights and freedoms article 32 deals with freedom of association and article 40 with right to work. Part III establishes the rights of the members of national minorities.

Act of 26 February on the protection of rights and liberties of national minorities Text No. Regulates means of realizing individual and collective rights guaranteed ,ey members of national minorities by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia or international agreements.

Prohibits discrimination and provides for measures to ensure equality of rights, freedom of speech and protection of acquired rights. Also provides for right to use mother tongue, culture and traditions, education in mother tongue leg use of national symbols. Act of 28 December on financing of political parties Text No. Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.