Lexmark C manual: CHAPTER 3: Printer Job Language. Lexmark c User Guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Service manual for the lexmark C C series. by lftrev in Types > Instruction manuals and service manual lexmark c c service guide repair guide.

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Installing drivers for local printing Determining the status of supplies Solving print quality problems Lexmark may use or distribute any of the information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without maual any obligation to you. You can purchase additional copies of publications related to this product by calling This printer is intended to be compatible with the PCL language. This means the printer recognizes PCL commands used in various application lemxark, and that the printer emulates the functions corresponding to the commands.

Lexmark modified version is similarly provided without warranty. See the warranty disclaimers in the referenced licenses for additional details. To obtain source code files for the Lexmark modified GNU licensed software, launch the drivers CD that shipped with your printer and click Contact Lexmark.

This product is designed, tested, and approved to meet strict global safety standards with the use of specific Lexmark components. The safety features of some parts may not always be obvious. Lexmark is not responsible for the use of other replacement parts.

To assure compliance with FCC regulations on electromagnetic interference for a Class A computing device, use a properly shielded and grounded cable such as Lexmark part number for parallel attach or 12A for USB attach. Use of a substitute cable not properly shielded and grounded may result in a violation of FCC regulations. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: A declaration of conformity with the requirements of the directives has been signed by the Director of Manufacturing and Technical Support, Lexmark International, S.

Companies participating in this program introduce products that power down when they are not being used. This feature will maanual the energy used by up to 50 percent. Lexmark is proud to be a participant in this program. Installing a custom driver will not replace the system driver. A separate printer object will be created and appear in the Printers lsxmark. Use the drivers CD that shipped with your printer to install the custom printer driver and obtain all the enhanced printer features and functionality.


Macintosh Mac OS 8. To print locally to a USB-attached printer, you must create a desktop printer icon Mac 8. Before you can print, you must establish communication between your printer and computer. To do this, you have to 1 set serial parameters in the printer, 2 install a printer driver on the attached computer, and 3 match the serial settings in the COM port.

Click Finish to complete the printer software installation. Setting parameters in the communications COM port After the printer driver is installed, you must set the serial parameters in the communications port assigned to the printer driver. The serial parameters in the communications port must match exactly to the serial parameters you set in the printer. Installing drivers for network printing Printing a network setup page If the printer is attached to a network, print a network setup page to verify the network connection.


This page also provides important information that helps you configure for network printing. The system printer driver and port let you maintain a consistent user interface for use with all the printers on your network.

However, using a custom printer driver and network port provides enhanced functionality, such as printer status alerts. On the Easy Install screen, click Install. All the necessary files are installed on your computer. Click Quit when installation is complete. A PPD for your printer is also available in a downloadable software package on our Lexmark Web site at www. Choose Printing Change Setup.

Printing Understanding the printer operator panel The operator panel has five buttons, a display, and a light that flashes when the printer is processing a job indicated by the Busy message.

From the File menu, select Print. Verify that the correct printer is selected in the dialog box. Modify the printer settings as appropriate such as the pages you want to print or the number of copies. Click Properties or Setup to adjust printer settings not available from the first screen, and click OK.

Press Menu until you see Cancel Job, and then manuall Select. From the Windows taskbar When you send a job to print, a small printer icon appears in the right corner of the taskbar. Double-click the printer icon. A list of print jobs appears. Straighten the edges of the stack on a level surface. Never remove paper trays while a print job is printing.

Loading sheet trays Follow these instructions to load any of the sheet trays. Do not exceed the maximum stack height.

Overfilling the tray may cause manuao. Squeeze the front guide lever and slide the guide until it firmly touches the stack of paper. Make sure the tray is pushed completely into the printer.

If you are loading a different type of media than was previously loaded in the tray, change the Paper Type setting for that tray on the operator panel. Paper Type on page 62 for more information. Loading the sheet tray Follow these instructions to load a sheet tray.

CHAPTER 3: Printer Job Language – Lexmark C User Manual – Page of |

Place the paper against the back left corner of the tray, print side down. Do not load bent or wrinkled print media. Overfilling the tray may cause paper jams. Manual bypass feeder—As a manual bypass feeder, you send a print job to the feeder while specifying the type and size of media from your computer.

The printer then prompts you to load the appropriate print media before it prints. Arrange the stack of paper or specialty media correctly for the size, type, and print method you are using.

Place the paper or specialty media, print lexxmark up, along the left side of the multipurpose feeder, and then push it in as far as it will easily go. Do not force the media. Loading the multipurpose feeder From the printer operator panel, set the Paper Type and Paper Size according to the media you loaded. If the type of the media you are loading is the same as the media previously loaded, you do not need to change the Paper Type setting.

This means that when one tray is empty, it feeds from the next linked tray. Holding a job in the printer When sending a job to the printer, you can specify in the driver that you want the printer to hold the job in memory. When you are ready to print the job, you must go to the printer and use the operator panel menus to identify which held job you want to print.


Recognizing when format errors occur If the symbol appears on the display, it indicates that the printer had trouble formatting one or more of the held jobs. These formatting problems are most commonly the result of insufficient printer memory or invalid data that might cause the printer to flush the job. Repeat Print If you send a Repeat Print job, the printer prints all requested copies of the job and stores the job in memory so you can print additional copies later.

You can print additional copies as long as the job remains stored in memory. PIN from the printer operator panel manuap choose to print or delete the job. This ensures that the job does not print until you are there to retrieve it, and lexmak one else using the printer can print the job. Store paper in its original wrapper until you load it into the printer. Storing supplies Choose a cool, clean storage area for your printer supplies.

Store supplies right side up in their original packaging until you are manial to use them. Size can vary from The printer supports the following standard print media sizes. The Universal setting lets you select custom sizes up to the maximum specified.

Print media 1, 2 Plain manuall Grain long Light: The duplex option supports the same weights and types as the printer except for paper Use only transparencies that are able to withstand these temperatures without melting, discoloring, offsetting, or releasing hazardous emissions. Using printer menus Select a menu or menu item for more details. Due to the differences cc762 additive and subtractive colors, certain colors that appear on your monitor are impossible to duplicate on your printer.

Values No selections exist for this operation. Pressing Select initiates this operation. The color samples pages consist of a series of colored boxes along with the RGB or CMYK combination that creates the color observed for each particular box.

Color conversion of the data specified using RGB combinations can be customized based on object type text, graphics, or image.

Lexmark C762 User Manual

Print Mode To determine whether files are printed in a monochrome grayscale or in color. Finishing Menu Use the Finishing Menu to define how the printer delivers the printed output. Hole Punch To punch holes along the edge of all mnaual output.

Select Hole Punch from the printer driver to punch holes only in output for a specific job. Multipage To print a border around each page image when using Multipage Print. Source Staple Job To set stapling as the default for all print jobs. Select stapling from manuwl printer driver if you want to staple only specific jobs.