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The Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory. Thirty years have passed since, thanks to Antonino Zichichi, the project for the largest underground laboratory in the world was conceived and brought to the attention of Italian authorities. The Gran Sasso National Laboratories of INFN have become a scientific reality of worldwide pre-eminence, in an expanding area of research where elementary particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology overlap.

I briefly present here the main scientific challenges of underground laboratories and the activity and future perspectives of the INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory. Uso de Sustancias en Mujeres con Desventaja Social: Objetivo Describir el uso de sustancias en mujeres con desventaja social e identificar factores de riesgo de contagio de VIH, asociados a este consumo.

In addition it made a variety of other observations. The apparatus consisted of three principal types of detectors: In addition, over part of its area it contained a transition radiation detector. The general design philosophy emphasized redundancy and complementarity. This paper describes the technical aspects of the complete MACRO detector, its operational performance, and the techniques used to calibrate it and verify its proper operation.

It supplements a previously published paper which described the first portion of the detector that was built and operated. Tryggve Gran grew up in an affluent family in Bergen, Norway. The German emperor, William II, often visited the families of his friends. Gran became a good skier, hence well prepared for Robert Scott’s second expedition to the Antartic in Gran deeply regretted the Scott-Amundsen competition, and was cut off from the team heading for the South Pole. InGran trained in England and France as an air pilot.

He joined the Royal Air Force in under the pseudonym of Teddy Grant, passing himself off as a Canadian, and received the Military Cross for distinguished war service. A commemorative stamp was issued in on the 30th anniversary of his North Sea flight, and a meeting held in his honour with Quisling and German officers present.

In this article, the author discusses some psychological aspects of Tryggve Gran ‘s choice of tasks and of his politics. Gran lost his father when he was only five and when he was 11 he was sent off to a pension in Switzerland for a year.

Strongly ambivalent feelings from the oedipal period and from the latency may later have been released through hazardous activities, certainly with self-destructive aspects. His membership in Quisling’s party might be seen in this context. Hispanic great-grandmas and great-granddaughters discuss their attitudes toward mothering and being mothers. These women are country and city women; they are business women, artists, maids, and teachers. Gran Sabana fires SE Venezuela: Fires are among the most important risks for tropical ecosystems in a future climatic change scenario.

Recently, paleoecological research has been addressed to discern the role played by fire in neotropical landscapes. However, given the magnitude of the Neotropics, many studies are relegated to infer just local trends. Here we present the compilation of the paleo-fire records developed until now in the southern Gran Sabana SE Venezuela with the aim to describe the fire history as well as to infer the possible forcing factors implied.

In this sense, southern Gran Sabana has been under fire perturbation since the Lateglacial, with the concomitant effects upon vegetation, and persisted during the Holocene. Around cal yr BP onwards, the fire activity highly increased promoting the expansion of pre-existing savannas, the decrease of forests and the appearance and establishment of Mauritia palm swamps. The continuous fire incidence registered for several thousands of years has likely promoted the supremacy of treeless savannas upon other vegetation types and the degradation to secondary landscapes.

Based on the available evidence, the anthropogenic nature of this high fire activity has been postulated. The implications of these ancient practices in the area are also discussed for present Gran Sabana landscapes sustainability and future conservation strategies. The Fundacion Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho. The Fundacion Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, a large Venezuelan scholarship program that sends students to study in the United States and other countries, is discussed.


Information on program objectives, issues, and problems was obtained from work with students at the University of Pittsburgh, the literature, program records, and interviews with…. The majority of programs designed to promote physical activity in older Hispanic women includes few innovative theory-based interventions that address cultural relevant strategies.

The purpose of this report is to describe the design and baseline data for Mujeres en Accion, a physical activity intervention to increase regular physical activity, and cardiovascular health outcomes among older Hispanic women. This study tests an innovative intervention, Mujeres en Accion, and includes the use of a theory-driven approach to neshor, explores social support as a theoretical mediating variable, use of a Promotora model and a Community Advisory group to incorporate cultural and social approaches and resources, and use of objective measures of physical activity in Hispanic women.

Design and Baseline Data. Mujeres en Accion [Women in Action for Health], a 12 month randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a social support physical activity intervention in midlife and older Hispanic women. An Annotated Bibliography, Intended to provide interested persons, researchers, and educators with information about “la mujer Chicana”, this annotated bibliography cites materials published between andwith the majority being between and The 12 sections cover the following subject areas: Chicana publications; Chicana feminism and….

Gran Sasso National Laboratory: Outreach and communication activities. Due to its fascinating structures, the Gran Sasso National Laboratory LNGS offers huge neator for oalmieri and outreach activities conceived for students and general public.

A great effort is devoted to the organisation of the “OPEN DAY”, in which the scientific staff of Gran Sasso introduces non expert people to the main relevant research topics of the laboratory through interactive demonstrations and particle detectors.

In particular, a portable cosmic rays telescope has been realized: In order to point out the importance of the scientific culture for young people, LNGS is involved in the organisation of several training courses for students and teachers focused on the improvement of the knowledge on modern physics topics. Since May is operating in Teramo the “Galileium”, an interactive museum for physics and astrophysics. Radon measurements in the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory.

Systematic radon monitoring in the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory nsetor performed in order to determine the background radon contribution to the sophisticated experimental apparatus and to check health physics standards for the personnel.

As saludwble, the radon concentrations were found to depend strongly on the ventilation in the three experimental halls. Considerable reductions in the radon concentrations were obtained inwhen fresh air was drawn into the laboratory through a pipe and exhaust air was routed into the highway tunnel.

Monopole, astrophysics and cosmic ray observatory at Gran Sasso.

The detector will be dedicated to the study of naturally penetrating radiation deep underground. It is designed with the general philosophy of covering the largest possible area with a detector having both sufficient built-in redundancy and use of complementary techniques to study very rare phenomena.

The detector capabilities will include monopole investigations significantly below the Parker bound; astrophysics studies of very high energy gamma ray and neutrino point sources; cosmic ray measurements of single and multimuons; and the general observation of rare new forms of matter in the cosmic rays.

Influence of Sirocco in tomato production in Gran Canaria Island. Sirocco is a wind that comes from the Southwest of Africa. These conditions can accelerate the fruit maturation with adverse effect over the fruit quality which can reduce farm incomes.

The objective of this work is to study the influence of Sirocco wind in tomato production in Gran Canaria. For this purpose, the possible effect of Sirocco in tomato production variation were studied in seven agricultural cooperatives using the data supplied by State Agrarian Insurance Body ENESA for a period of 14 years. Results showed that a cumulative normal distribution presented the better fitness with the tomato production data.


Monitoring service for the Gran Telescopio Canarias control system.

Consulta de Datos de Importadores – R.M/EF

A new version of the Monitoring Service has been developed in order to improve performance, provide high availability, guarantee fault tolerance and scalability to cope with high volume of data. The producer generates the data samples. The consumers either persists the samples to a database for further analysis or propagates them to the consoles in the control room to monitorize the state of the whole system.

By and for women. In Nicaragua, a group of women physicians and health professionals created an alternative health service for women. Special programs provide services to teenagers and to men. While the training program began as a secondary effort, it is now as important as the direct service provision, with training activities reaching more than people in the first year through courses on such topics as sexuality, gender and power, AIDS and STD prevention, and cancer prevention. Si Mujer is one of more than 52 women’s health centers in Nicaragua that have arisen to fill the gap left by the deterioration of public health services and which apply a gender perspective to the manner in which they approach their clients.

The detector is being constructed at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Italy, where it will start taking data in If the target background of 0. Since early May,a small aperture seismic array has been installed in the underground Physics Laboratories of Gran Sasso, located near seismic active faults of central Apennines, Italy. This array is presently composed by 21 three-component short period seismic stations Mark L4C-3Dwith average distance 90 m and semi-circular aperture of m x m.

It is intersecting a main seismogenic fault where the presence of slow earthquakes has been recently detected through two wide band geodetic laser interferometers. The underground Laboratories are shielded by a limestone rock layer having m thickness.

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The six PC transmit data to a server through an ethernet network. Time syncronization is provided by a Master Oscillator controlled by an atomic clock. Earthworm package is used for data selection and transmission. High quality data have been recorded since Mayincluding local and regional earthquakes.

Array techniques such as polarisation and frequency-slowness analyses with the MUSIC noise algorithm indicate the high performance of this array, as compared to the national seismic network, for identifying the basic source parameters for earthquakes located at distance of few hundreds of km. The Atapuerca Site Burgos, N. Spain is an extensive archaeological site which has yielded numerous human fossil remains.

: Sitemap

The Gran Dolina section, one of the open-air excavations and subject of this study, consists of a sedimentary infilling of 18 m thickness in palmieir gallery originated by karstification of the host Cretaceous limestones.

In this paper we present new stratigraphic and paleomagnetic evidence for the age and the sedimentary environment of the karst infilling where the archaeological site is located. Paleomagnetic dating places the hominids Aurora stratum in the Matuyama reversed Chron, hence before ka. We also report evidence for a short normal polarity event at the bottom of the section that we speculate as being Jaramillo or Kamikatsura.

The early and well-constrained date of the Atapuerca archaeological site, its location in the cul-de-sac we know as Europe, its stratigraphic context, the abundant fossil remains and the stone tool industry make it one of the most important localities for the sak of the earliest human occupation in Europe.

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Describes an experiment which uses the Gran plot for analyzing free ions as well as those involved in an equilibrium. Discusses the benefits of using Gran plots in the study of acids, as well as other analytes in solutions. Presents background theory along with a description of the experimental procedures.