La Batalla por Stalingrado has ratings and reviews. Katherine said: I found this book deeply problematic. Partly this is because I am irredeema. La batalla por Stalingrado by William Craig at – ISBN – ISBN – Unknown – – Softcover. La Batalla Por Stalingrado by William Craig at – ISBN – ISBN – Noguer y Caralt Editores –

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La Batalla por Stalingrado

Is it available e book? Books by William Craig. William Craig — was an American author and historian.

What do I mean by that? The Italians lost more thanmen out of their ,man army. Noor rated it it was ok Aug 21, The other, related choice is to radically decontextualize the battle stalingraxo Stalingrad.

James Darby rated it it was ok Mar 17, Craig’s sentimentality and valorization of warfare are horribly misplaced in the story he’s telling even more horribly misplaced if he were actually writing historyand his belief that the battle of Stalingrad is a tragedy, the “gradual moral and physical disintegration of the German soldiers” xiiis predicated on the idea that the Germans weren’t morally bankrupt before they ever crossed the Don.

It wasn’t always clear which side of the battle a specific soldier was on. But I don’t think that the outcome of the battle of Stalingrad, and the suffering of the Sixth Army, somehow negates the reasons and the choices that put them there in the first place. La Batalla por Stalingrado 4. I am more interested in the human factor of the war, not the stratagems. The Germans lost almostmen.

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Craig’s account details the battle, which at times came down to a handful of buildings determining who held Stalingrad, and thus, who was winning the war. Wilhelm Kreiser had held since late October. Nerwin Alester rated it it was ok Feb 19, Lz rated it it was ok May 24, The other, fraig choice is to radically Stalingrad found this book deeply problematic. The Battle for Stalingrad is a non-fiction collection of interviews Craig conducted turned into a loose narrative outlining this critical battle.

Conversations with official Russian sources on a not-for-attribution basis and it must be remembered that the Russians have never officially admitted their losses in World War II put the loss of Red Army soldiers at Stalingrad atkilled, wounded, or missing in action.

Books by William Craig. He uses the word “holocaust” more than once, without any seeming wolliam that it has particular connotations in any discussion of German participation in World War II, and late in the book, he says, “Paulus stopped trying to convince his superiors that further resistance was mass murder” –without any recognition that “mass murder” was actually happening elsewhere in German-occupied Europe, in Auschwitz, Sobibor, and the other death camps. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Elaine rated it it was ok Nov 13, Maybe because it was stalingrad Christmas season, but I just couldn’t finish this d. For my taste, this wasn’t a terribly enjoyable read because it was very much a detailed account of the battle strategies employed by both sides of the war.


Linh Nguyen rated it it was ok May 20, I am more interested in the human factor of the war, not the stratagems.


Return to Book Page. However, I just don’t particularly find this information interesting or useful.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Thus, it was not my cup of tea, but I could easily see how people interested in that sort of thing would love it.

Thai Matus stalingrxdo it it was ok Oct 17, La Batalla por Stalingrado has ratings and reviews. Also, while Craig is quick and lavish in his description stlingrado the suffering of German and Axis POWs at the hands of the Russians, he absolutely and categorically ignores the systematic, programmatic starvation of Russian POWs by the Germans, and the equally systematic, programmatic, articulated as a matter of policy starvation of the civilian population in German-occupied Ukraine.

Craig does a fairly decent job of presenting unbiased viewpoints of the rationalizations for war tactics on either side. Sanjay Shrestha rated it it was ok Dec 18, Michael Dorosh rated it it was ok Jul 05,