As Your Productivity Partner, Kastas produces advanced sealing elements for fluid power and various specific applications. With global headquarters in Izmir. Shortcut to sealing elements. seal-Link provides a one-stop shop for Kastas customers to search for the products they need, check stock availability, place orders. Manufacturer of Kastas Hydraulic PU Seals – Rod Seals, Combi Seal / Pneumatic Rod Wiper, Pneumatic Rod Wiper and V Ring offered by Burhani Rubber.

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The lip isdesigned in a particular way that it functions as a rod seal andwiper.

Kastas Hydraulic Seals

Hardness and elasticity make the material to be used widely in hydraulic applications. Piston Rod Seal Get Price.

Hydraulic cylinders are being used in mechanical applications where reciprocating forces and movements are needed. K14 ksstas a V-Ring designed to be used for rotating shaft applications. V Ring Get Price. Due to the low friction coefficient and high wear resistance, it performs well on poorly lubricating conditions as well as high sliding speeds.

Depending onto the application; The Online Industrial Exhibition. Given parameters such as maximum pressure, temperature, sliding speed, surface contact pressure and media are determined in laboratory conditions. Pneumatic Cushioning Seal Get Price.

Kastas Sealing Technologies A.S., Your Productivity Partner, Hydraulic Seals, Pneumatic Seals

K52 is a single acting pneumatic wiper ensuring that foreignparticles are not introduced into the hydraulic cylinders. Pneumatic Rod Wiper Get Price. The sealing elements are being installed into the respective groove with a preload. The viscosity of the media is one of the reasons of wear in the sealing elements. K33 is a single acting rod seal designed to have inner lip shorter than the outer lip and additional sealing lip which improves the leakage behavior andat the same timeprevents the entry of contaminations from the wiper side.


Open the catalog to page K51 is a single acting pneumatic rod seal specially designed not to require additional element for axial fitting within the housing. Burhani Rubber Products No. Open the catalog to page 4.

Kastas Hydraulic PU Seals – Rod Seals Manufacturer from Bengaluru

P U Wiper Get Price. Kastas Hydraulic PU Seals. For the best recommendation K10 is a single acting double wiper ensuring kqstas foreign particles are not introduced into the hydraulic cylinders. This range of polyurethane seals has been developed for both hydraulic and pneumatic use, all to fit within the ISO standard groove dimensions.

Please enter full name. Open the catalog to page 2. Polyurethane makes an ideal material for sealsdue to its resistance to impacts, tears and relatively low price.

K06 is a single acting wiper ensuring kastaz foreign particles are not introduced into the hydraulic systemsavoiding wear and damage to all the internal components including seals.

Open the catalog to page 7. The lip is designed in a katsas way that it reliably wipes off the dirt but leaves a residual oil film on the rod. In case the operating parameters are requested at maximum level, these values may not be achieved.


Double Lip Wiper Get Price. PTFE material does have the lowest coefficient of friction. I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

It has very good resistance to all chemicals except alkaline metals, high pressure-temperature chlorotriflour and basic flourines. It is been recommended for the most part of the sealing elements applications and it has a very common use.

Polyurethane Seal Get Price. Figure 2 shows the pressurized media filling into the groove and sealing element is expanded with this pressure. The variation in the percentage of ACN changes the volume, gas permeability, elasticity and compression set of the compound used in mineral oils, grease and fuel. Rod Seals Get Price. K17 is a two piece double acting piston seal which consists of one special mixture PTFE profile ring and an o-ring as energizing element.

K35 is a two piece single acting rod seal which consists of one special mixture PTFE profile ring and an o-ring as energizing element. K21 is a single acting piston – rod seal and designed to have symmetrical lips in order to be used both for rod and piston applications. Figure 1 shows the sealing element in free state, preload after the assembly of the seal and the free space needed in the housing.