Foster’s compliment that Kanthapura is the finest novel to come out of India in recent years is . incarnate on the Earth and free my beloved daughter from her. Raja Rao’s first novel Kanthapura () is the story of a village in south India named Kanthapura. The novel is narrated in the form of a. Get this from a library! Kanthapura. Free eBook from the Internet Archive. Close # Kanthapura.

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Maybe he would remember us! Praying seemed merely to fall flat before the gods in worship.

Yes, Moorthy would come! I have the texts.

In the great Heavens Brahma the Self-created One was lying on his serpent, when the sage Valmiki entered, announced by the two doorkeepers. I have come to bring you sinister news. Nobody nkvel has eyes to see and ears to hear will be- lieve in such a crow-and-sparrow story. Srinivasa IyengarK. Why, when one goes to prison, one is as ever!

You just pay four annas or two thousand yards of yam per year, and that is all you have to do, and then you become a Congress member. As Narsamma came forward, and, placing her basket on the sands, began to unroll her bundle, Venkamma plants herself like a banana- trunk in front of her and cries out: Provat Ragon 13 August at Bhatta of course profited by tHe occasion and added a few acres more to his own domain.


Nor would the rice creep back to the granaries. And the serpent that crossed the thighs of the Mahatma, a huge serpent too. But the horoscopes did not agree. And when they had passed into the Pariah Street they looked back and saw him jump down from the platform, and thump past the Temple Comer on to the Brahmin Street.

Full text of “Kanthapura”

Does not the Gita say, the sword can split asunder the body, but never the soul? They say he had done Harikatha even before the Mahatma. As she becomes the leader when moorthy was arrested. And we shall stand none of this pariah affair. Business took him there, he said. The next day when the nlvel is going on, Timma and Bhatta go to see Seenappa.

Deep shikha sood 8 December at We have to protect our Mother. We gree not hate him. The shrieks of the pariah women are still shrill in the air, and where shall we find someone, where?

Why was it he could meditate so deeply? You pay or the Government will squeeze water out of stone. Our Moorthy performed the camphor ceremony and from that day onwards Moorthy looked sorrowful and calm.

Summary of the Novel Kanthapura by Raja Rao

Let not your shadow fall on me — enough of it. Yeah,really it’s very easy to understand bcs u used basic words of language. We arc brahmins and not pariahs.


It is not a detailed analysis of the novel, but a synopsis of the novel. Something around three hundred and fifty rupees.

readings: Free English Literature Notes: Summary of the novel Kanthapura by Raja Rao

We’ shall offer you our first rice and our first fruit, and we shall offer you saris and bodice- 9 cloth for every birth and marriage, we shall wake thinking of you, sleep prostrating before you, Ken- chamma, and through the harvest night shall we dance before you, the fire in the middle and the horns about us, we shall sing and sing and sing, clap our hands and sing: Bhattare, we need your help.

And more people come from Bombay and Sholapur. My young brothers, let not such confusion of castes anger our manes, and let the religion of Vasistha and Manu, Sankara and Vidya- ranya go unmuddied to the Self-created One. Why, our Beadle Timmayya will come one of these days to ask my daughter in marriage! And once they have a rupee in their hand or k a dozen coconuts or a measure of rice, they walk away and are never heard of again.