You can read Kalagnanam to find more. Due to inclination towards excess food and excess sleep humans and animals would keep wandering here and there.

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Sri Veera Bramhendra swamy vari charithra – kalagnanam pracharam, Jagtial web portal. Mass deaths of people, animals, and soldiers would happen. Fire bursts, poisonous gases, volcanic eruptions, torrential rains, tornados, world wars, landslides, explosions in mountains, killings by lifeless machines, deluges in rivers and oceans would wipe out lives on a large scale. World War-II ended in last Pardhiva ; again the next Pardhiva was before which we had seen Tsunami which claimed ,lives.

When Saturn enters Zodiac sign Gemini, many sinners would be killed. This means again loss of lives to relieve the burden of earth. When Saturn enters a zodiac he remains there for 2. Saturn entered Gemini in the years,and This verse foretells about British rule on India. He is the author of Kaalagnaana, a teluug of predictions about future or prophecies, kkalagnanam Telugu text that predicts the arrival of Kalki in the form of Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraaya.

Kalagnanam was written in Telugu Teluhu and ‘Sandra Sindhu Veda’ on palm leaves, and Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy’s sayings and ballads are being sung by wandering minstrels and mendicants. They are in the oral tradition. Most of his predictions have come true and rest is yet to come true.

It is stated that Kalagnanam of the entire World contains 3,32, volumes. A small part of Kalagnanam is available in Brahmamgari Matham at Kandimallayapalle, Siddhayyagari Matham at Mudumala, Rangarajugari Matham at Nagaripadu, and the remaining major part is kept in the inner pit of Banaganapalle Mutt under tamarind sprout which has grown into a big tree now.

Kalagnanam – Wikipedia

In every village and town of Andhra Pradesh, and in some parts of South India, we find a shrine in the name of ‘Brahmamgari gudi’and we don’t find a single person in Andhra Pradesh, who does not mention Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy’s name and his Kalagnanam, at least once in his lifetime.

His devotees call him as Jejinayana Great-Grand Father also. The impact of His Teachings and World predictions is beginning to be felt in other parts of India too and it would not be surprising if he and his predictions become internationally known very soon. And devotees believe that he would rescue them whenever they plead him; and he will come out from the Jeeva Samadhi when the blood of thousands of people, who beheaded with frustration when the calamities kalavnanam peak stage, touches his Jeeva Samadhi.


Some of the highlighted points from the Kalagnanam of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy are, according kalagnaanm my calculations, as follows and I may be forgiven if errors are found in interpretation of Kalagnanam. Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya started annihilating the evil from the earth from People’s fate written by Lord Brahma is ended and, karmaphala good tleugu bad results being given by Navagrahas 9 planets is directly being controlled by Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya since From the year Pramadhi droughts, irregular rains, spread of diseases rise.


It kxlagnanam observed the prophecy came true partially and will be completed in future – There was an internal explosion in Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad in and followed years there were internal explosions in some other organisations. Attacks on other cities also will take place in the said period.

Then Prophet Acharya Nagarjuna Buddhist Kxlagnanamtflugu is said to have died a very long ago, will intervene with one of Kalagnanan direct Disciples, distribute Anti-Nuclear Radiation Ayurvedic medicines and kalagbanam people to the maximum.

Ananthare Ananda madhye. Fromintensity of calamities are raising and, the final Kkalagnanam War The Armageddonnatural and man-made calamities would make life miserable. And after that, he has been visiting the said temples once a day and the moment he stops visiting the said temples, then the respective temples will automatically be collapsed.

Surprisingly, it was clearly mentioned about the change of velocity of planets, etc. Peethams like Kanchi, Sringeri, Pushpagiri, etc. Parusuvedhi transmutes metals ialagnanam gold will be shifted from Srisailam to Kandimallayapalle. Sanjivini Plant a sacred tree that gives life to the dead will be found at Udayagiri Hill, Andhra Pradesh. Smoke and fire comes out from Lord Siva’s temple, Srisailam.

Water and fire comes from Lord Siva. Nandiswara tears, wages his tail and makes a clarion call. A crocodile enters the temple of Goddess Bhramaramba at Srisailam and stays for eight days, cries like a kn and disappears. An idol sits on temple Garuda Dhwaja and speaks many languages. Lord Bhirava chants mantras continuously.

Strange sounds come from earth. These may happen before or in the year Nandana Crores of people die in the year Vijaya Fury of Kanchi Kamakshi harms South India. A war at Rameshwaram takes place. Divine Idols at Holy places will exhibit various gestures.

The idol of Kanchi Kamakshi will revolve for a while, idol of Bangalore Kamakshi will omit blood, idols in different holy places talk to people. In another incident, idols of Lord Vinayaka cries and tears.

Lord Vinayaka visits every village and town and chants Veda mantras. A devastating earth-quake in Suryanandi is indicated. Cow slaughter takes place at Yaganti, Srisailam and Kumbhakonam and clashes takes thousands of lives. And in the same year i.

Krodhithe Nellore region will be submerged. Temples in Karnataka will be harmed by Anti-Hindu women. Birth of Kamadhenu, the divine cow, west to Kanchi. Predictions of Brahmins become reverse i.

Sri Veera Bramhendra swamy vari charithra – kalagnanam pracharam, Jagtial

Six new diseases take thousands of lives. Blood bath on the banks of Kauveri river takes thousands of lives Bangladesh and Bengal State will be hit by Super Cyclones and floods and crores of people will die.

On a Visakha Amavasya, strange deceases take many lives may be due to a bio-chemical weapon. It roams here and there and finally reaches Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh State in India, where millions of people die in clashes.

When Saturn enters Pisces-harm to Mlechchas is indicated, in Taurus-Poisonous gas from Northeast takes lives, in Gemini-most of evil persons are punished. In the year Ananda Crores of people die and in Rakshasa year there will be destruction in Western Countries. Most of the evil persons die, and Kali Yuga Dharma ends.


Since then whatever that was written on them will happen and there will be no amendments to the fate of people as well of the countries.

With severe internal clashes between two Religions, crores of people die, throughout the world in the years PingalaKalayuktiand Roudri Inter-caste marriages will be the order of the day.

There will be no water in River Ganga for 40 days byin Kasi Varanasi. For twelve days there will be no water in River Godavari and on 13th it will be with heavy floods. The aftermath will continue upto and the calamities will be upto The gopuram at Kumbhakonam will collapse and the idol will be damaged. Hampi Karnataka may probably be destroyed by Nuclear Attack.

Robots’ or cloned men of nine feet height participation in war. Lilliputians, so small that they use a ladder to climb plants, will be born. Groups of white crows cry at the borders of villages and towns. Atheism will flourish and adultery and coveting of others’ wives will be a normal breaking of the moral law.

A five year old boy reads the Vedas. Another boy makes predictions. India is going to be partitioned. Right shoulder of Lord Venkateswara’s idol will shake and get cracked, and there will be an earthquake towards right side of Tirumala Hill. All roads leading kaagnanam Tirumala will be closed. Tirumala becomes shelter to Wild Animals. Harm to Muslim countries and Christian countries in Pushya month of a particular year. Sravana Bahula Ashtami of the year Bhavamany rivers will be with flash floods and many kalxgnanam will be submerged.

Only 25 Gothras of Vysya community will kalagnnaam by the Year Dhata On 3rd February, Magha Sudhdha Dasami of the year Eswara all the countries surrender their Sovereignity to Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya, who will later rule the entire world for years and his descendants about years.

In the year Bahudhanya bloodbath in 25 cities, and calamities are indicated.

In the year Parthiva people offer poojas to a neem tree that born in a temple situated north to Karnool Andhra Pradesh for a month and later the said tree omits some poisonous gas and takes thousands of people Incestual relationship will develop between men and women. A cow gives birth to a man at Govindapuram, near Golconda, Hyderabad,India. The Brahmins will sink to a low estate and serve other castes. Brahmins will ni defeated in a battle with Viswabrahmins Wild animals’ roaming in villages and towns is indicated.

Two gold swans fly in the sky and sweep around cities and those who intend to catch them loose etlugu eyesight. Red ants of giant size shall crawl over the earth.

A pig gives birth to an elephant. Vijayawada hill will split and the idol of Goddess Durga be shifted to Kandimallayapalle. Learning will be traded as a commodity in shops. All the seas will be polluted and oceanic species become extinct. The iron pillar in Ahobilam holy place in Yelugu Pradesh sprouts sannajaji jasminum articulatum flowers.