The problems with the Bible that New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman discussed in his bestseller Misquoting Jesus—and on The Daily Show with John Stewart. Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don’t Know About Them). By Bart D. Ehrman. Publisher. Please Pardon This Interruption Review of Jesus Interrupted by Bart Ehrman reviewed Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman has lately made a career out of brokering.

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This is part one of a two-part analysis. In Jesus, Interrupted, Bart Ehrman endeavors to undermine any notions the reader of this popular-level book may hold about the Bible being historically and theologically reliable. He conducts a systematic assault on the textual foundation of the Christian faith by describing what he believes to be irresolvable discrepancies, especially among the gospel accounts of Jesus Christ.

Additionally, he calls into question the traditionally-accepted identities of New Testament authorship and the historicity of Jesus as he is portrayed by Scripture. Ehrman goes on to denounce the canonization process, citing dynamics of unterrupted church history as support for his argument, then concludes with ehrmman mini-manifesto on his post-modernist ideas concerning morality and theology.

He does this by devising a sly and effective false dichotomy. What Ehrman has done here is not only fallacious, it is outright dishonest. Concerning interrrupted, Ben Witherington says:.

It is not so difficult to prove your views are mainstream when you get to decide what is mainstream. Thus, with the reader primed, Ehrman wastes no time in interruptd into his analysis of Biblical text. On account of space, all of the instances of discrepancy Ehrman discusses cannot each be mentioned here, but it is necessary to select a few for ehrrman purpose of illustrating the problems with his critical technique and interpretation of historical information.


He points out that the author of Matthew carries on a running theme of prophecy fulfillment in the birth narrative. Luke, on the other hand, does not talk about this at all. Matthew speaks of wise men, but Luke has shepherds instead.

Jesus Interrupted – Reformation21

According to Luke, because Joseph was of the lineage of David he had to return to the city of David, Bethlehem, to be registered in a census. Are we to imagine that everyone in the Roman Empire was required to return to barr homes of their ancestors from a thousand years earlier? Ehrman dismisses the entire census story as historically improbable and a fabrication on the part of Luke, saying: Intergupted gives one plausible solution to this.

He says of the Greek text: There was indeed a famous and indeed notorious census which led to the rebellion of Judas the Galilean in A. Ehrman repeatedly expresses his disapproval of piecing together stories from two separate Gospel accounts as with the two birth narrativessaying that by doing so we create a third version that is unlike either of the first two. The synoptic Gospels tell of Jesus going into the wilderness where he is tempted by Satan.

The Gospel of John, however, does not mention this. Instead, John gives an account of John the Baptist seeing Jesus and speaking to him the day after the baptism. Ehrman asks which, if either, is correct. Well, it is completely reasonable to suppose innterrupted both are telling the truth.


There are, in fact, twenty-four hours in a day.

After all, ancient historiography, by definition, has inherent limitation in what it can record; a writer cannot say everything about a particular event. Harper Collins,6. John comes to the Jordan baptising preaching the forgiveness and repentance as Matthew 3 says.

Jesus gets baptised and then goes into the wilderness for 40 days as says Matthew 4 to be tempted of the devil. After 40 days he comes back to where John is baptising as per John 1 and John says, Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world pointing out Jesus is the Messiah. Then you have wedding of Cana and the miracle as says John chapter 2. Then you have Jesus declaring himself to be the Messiah in Luke chapter 4.

Menu Melissa Cain Travis, M. Concerning this, Ben Witherington says: Facebook Email Twitter Pinterest.

Jesus Interrupted

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