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Intervention is necessary when is effective.

Because it sells and it fuels their war propaganda. There is a great confusion our soldiers have to face:. There is NO Messianic Nation unless we start to operate on racist assumptions again.

Well, where is the ethic of this? Whatever ones political views are of the Legionnaires party, there is no doubt that Valeriu was solely motivated by a pure idealism that cared passionately about his country and his fellow men.

intoarcerea la hristos de ioan ianolide []

Pitesti Experiment that took place in Romania in andis a great exemplification of how abusive powers exercise their influence first starting with experimentation on vulnerable groups such as intoarcerwa and then extending it to the whole society.

Carmenmirosanu marked it as to-read Nov 22, The Cross when is real is actually antigravitational because it involves to leave off all Earthly worries and walk only in the spirit of God.

She challenged their authority and said that it is not the truth, and she does not want to give up the truth for which so many people died in our Christian-Orthodox Church. We, Christians are not protected by this temptation, of course. Jews in Romania were exempted from participating in war and also Marshal Antonescu protected their business. Matt Sheffield marked it as to-read Sep 07, Nobody guarantees freedom of people in this civilization, no one can govern technological forces in this civilization.


I have no doubt, this system will crush, because more people will want to think freely, not in bites. I believe that the advancement of personal sin and collective sin as well are both influential in how quickly we, as people give up on our dominion over the world we know.

In the meantime, some people are in great hurry.

This phenomenon appears everywhere where this technology is being promoted and it hrostos to do rather with the perception, information processing and conclusions operated in a paradigm of fear and disturbed assumptions, rather than with the actual reality. Following June 26th ofwhen Stalin in agreement with Hitler stole Romanian territories Basarabia and North of Bucovina many terrorist elements belonging to local Jewish communities and other groups attacked Romanian refugees and Romanian Army while they withdrew from these Romanian territories to what was left of Romania of those times.

The peace of the world is being taken away exactly by these means, among many others of course, and we believe intoarcersa they are righteous and just or we simply chose to focus on other things and not take the bull by its horns and face the truth. Ignorant about the facts, or plainly falsifying, censoring and destroying documentation, Bolsheviks misrepresented the Romanian participation in WWII.

Give peace a chance. Same like in Communism. The whole world becomes just a huge piece of Sault that is about to crush in our head.

The Saint of the Prisons

When the Government starts to inflict numbers in people like in Nazi camps, then that Government becomes Mamona and these concessions we as free citizens have the duty to refuse. God will take care of those who love freedom for real and not only in declarations.


They thrived on ethnic and class conflict, turning minorities against one another and against the majority of population, incriminating people for belonging to upper classes or for being intellectuals. These political agents listen to the lobbies not to the citizens that voted for them.

The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide

She did not reach any agreement with them so she returned to Romania, at the advice of a monk and there she discovered that she had cancer in an initial phase. Marshal Antonescu rendered Romanian-Jews passports in white to help them cross hhristos border safely. Revolutions bring destruction and they only reinforce a totalitarian order, under a new cosmetic mask.

Our phone companies make more and more usage of digital systems involving computer synthesized voices that will be able to provide more and more complex answers. Everyone of us is a target and everyone of us has a radical decision to make whether we go with this filthy tide of lies and illusions or let it pass. They had, like I said a vision of what the society should look like and they imposed it by the means of Bolshevik propaganda, institutionalized terror and manipulation of information, isolation, imprisonment and killing of unknown numbers of Romanians in prisons and outside.

These ideologies about how a region of the world should look like fuel our nowadays wars and bring us more and more enemies.