On Friday, 3 November , the newspaper Horacke noviny published an article about our company NUVIA and the Trebic Secondary. Website details for : IP Addresses, Server Locations, DNS Resource Records, IP and Domain WHOIS. Source, ÚPV-ČR. Application, Trademark text, HORÁCKÉ NOVINY. Registration, Product Classes, 16, 35, Filing date,

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HFK Třebíč – Wikipedie

First Aid – Injured Raptors. Protecting birds on powerlines: Protecting birds on powerlines Produced for BirdLife International, Protecting birds hhoracke powerlines Nature and environment No.

The present report analyses the phenomenon and makes technical proposals to protect birds from electrocution. Title also available in French. Dangers in nature White-tailed Eagles mentioned Pictures http: Carbofuran — key facts “Hundreds of birds die a cruel death each year.

Golden eagles, red and black kites, peregrine falcons, rough-legged and common buzzards, magpies, crows, ravens but also domestic dogs and cats are among the victims, too.

Horácké noviny – Trademark, owner YASHICA s.r.o.

The reason is human recklessness Reported cases of poisonings Czech Republic http: FreeWings programme bird crime The Free Wings programme, co-ordinated by CSO Czech Society for Ornithologyis aimed at reducing, as much as possible, all human activities which affect negatively populations of wild birds and which are in conflict with the national or international legislation.


More joviny on carbofuran Prime Minister of Kenya urged to ban lion-killing pesticide after child dies from ingestion Jeremy Hance, mongabay.

East Africa’s lions falling to poison. Danish White-tailed Eagles found poisoned http: How to publicise illegal persecution of raptors If you have any information about the illegal persecution of raptors or if you read in the press of hhoracke persecution incidents, you can contact Raptor Politics.

They publicise instances of illegal persecution of protected birds in the UK and other countries. Carbofuran kills in Czech.

White-tailed Eagle persecution in Austria Find numerous documented cases in a collection of Austrian newspaper articles for the years in German Source: World Wildlife Fund is offering Euro for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for poisoning four White-tailed Eagles in Northern Germany January 27th At least four White-tailed Eagles have been poisoned last year in a region in Northern Germany. It turned out that the eagles were poisoned with Mevinphos.


This insecticide is banned horackke the EU sincein Germany since Illegal raptor persecution novinu Germany Illegale Greifvogelverfolgung.

Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e. Ingestion of Lead from Spent Ammunition: Implications for Wildlife and Humans Proceedings of the Conference: Implications for Wildlife and Humans Editors: Lead Poisoning in White-tailed Sea Eagles: White-tailed Eagle and other animals poisoned.

Czech Republik, February Source: Illegal poisoning in Spain: A new strategy against the poisoning of large carnivores and scavenger raptors: Bird of prey poisoning, Scotland Scotland’s birds of prey continue to be poisoned with illegal chemicals Source: