Inventor: Plauson Hermann; Original Assignee: Plauson Hermann; Priority date H PLAUSON CONVERSION OF’ATMOSPHE’R IC ELECTRIC ENERGY v. Conversion of atmospheric electric energy. United States Patent Inventors: Hermann, Plauson. Application Number: USA. Publication Date. Hermann Plauson was an Estonian engineer and inventor. Plauson investigated the production of energy and power via atmospheric electricity. Biography.

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May 30, Complete Left: February 29, Complete Accepted: November 13, Application Date in United Kingdom: January 10, Complete Accepted: Improvements in Electric Motors by H. PlausonPatent specification Convention Date Plaueon July 15, Application Date in United Kingdom: Remarkable European Plauzon with Atmospheric Voltage Electrical Discharges with Potentials as High as 3, Volts An article about three German studends who experiment with obtaining electrical energy from the air, the methods and the system they use, and how the electrical discharges are measured.

Gernsback, from Science and Invention, February During the War there was developed in Germany a new art — or science — that bids fair to revolutionize our present…. NuEnergy is committed to sharing easy ways to go green with eco-friendly tipsrenewable energy info, green business ideas, as well as tips and tricks for living a green lifestyle.


Here are 5 mind-blowing carbon footprint facts that will make you change your ways today. Mold is an pkauson surprise that can cause health issues for your family. But so can the chemicals in mold removal.

Hermann Plauson – Wikipedia

Try this natural mold killer instead! Are you looking for some fun ways to get out of the house and enjoy nature with your friends and heemann Here are some of our favorite activities. Keeping your house cool keeps your family comfortable, but what is it harming the environment? Thus, here is hernann list of some of the 5 most fuel efficient SUVs today. Despite this increased interest in electric cars, adoption is still slow.

US1540998A – Conversion of atmospheric electric energy – Google Patents

Are you thinking about going green at work? There are many reasons nowadays to have a green office environment. This, in hetmann, can attract more customers. Some studies even show that millennials care most about workplace design. So, deciding to go….


It might seem like a Hollywood exaggeration, but climate change is a reality. In fact, carbon emissions…. In less than a pluason, the city of Miami could be underwater. Climate Change is not a matter we can fault on. The troubles of rising water levels, increased temperatures across the globe, and more, will continue to grow.

There is a way to fix this.

Sustainable Architects are the key to building a strong…. Electrostatic Conversion to Electrodynamic. Conversion of Atmospheric Energy. Atmospheric Electricity by Herman Plauson.

Power from the Air follow-up. Power from the Air. Go Green hremann Work: Building a New World: Top 10 Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips.