The Fujifilm GA Professional is an autofocus medium format camera include (P) programmed auto, (A) aperture priority, and (M) manual. U FUJIFILM. GA/ GAW. Professional. ลาว. Professional. TO E. m m. ( GA Professional. OWNER’S MANUAL. BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG. Hi there, Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the service manual for the GAzi? Butkus only has the Use Manual and I would quite.

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There is a built-in pop-up flash with a GN of This is done by a reflector sensor in the film chamber detects the presence of film or paper. This page has been accessed 15, times.

FUJIFILM GA645 Professional

Main menu Skip to content. The viewfinder in on the top left. I also like the pop-up flash, which is rare for ga6445 medium format camera.

Flash ; built-in pop-up type, guide number of 12 at ISOnot user adjustable in power. A tripod was used, but no filters. It requires a coin or similar to unscrew the battery compartment. Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams. S attack – awesome! All dimensions include protrusions. Date of manufacture ; Approximately An accessory flash GA Bracket was also available. Color fringing ; none that I notice. Dimensions ; my measurements; 6.

Manual for Fuji GA645

Box contents ; camera, instruction manual, a softcase, neck strap, hood and cap. It includes a grip mounted to the base of the camera, flash bracket and hot shoe adapter for sync cable. Distortion ; none of my images show any discernible distortion. There is also a accessory hot shoe for external strobes, a flash unit that covers the 35mm focal length fujjfilm recommended.


The two black circles are film loading knobs that you release via a red button inside the camera. Canon EOS 10 Fuji claims the batteries will last for shots with no flash use. Close the back and the camera detects the first frame. Do you like to write down your exposure settings for future use; well, you can keep your pencil in your pocket, the camera records the date and exposure settings along the film margins, not in the picture area!

The film back is wrapped in a leatherette type material and has a film reminder memo holder for film box tops. It is based on a 3 glass element reverse Galilean design. Reading from left to right, or top down herethe date readsor the 20th of February Please consider buying through my links ga64 help support the site.

GAzi Service Manual | Fuji GA | Flickr

Low light focusing is not always spot on, but only noticeable at wide apertures. Personal tools Log in. It takes two sometimes pricey batteries that may not be available at your vacation destination, so keep a spare set handy. A dedicated unit was produced for this camera called GA Strobe. A point and shoot, fully automatic, medium format camera!

I like the Fuji GA, it provides substantially more resolution than format cameras, which will show up when making large prints, or looking at your images on a 5k screen. The camera is powered by 2x CRA battery located on the base of the handgrip.


Scanned on a Nikon Coolscan ED. With that said, I really like the film, and use it in the late afternoon quite often with medium format cameras. Distance is the same as a torso shot of people.

Please login to leave a comment. The shoe can support up to 0. Fit and finish are very good. Canon EOS 5 Build material ; appears to be a mixture of metal and plastic.

I set the data to show the date and camera settings, but there are other settings to choose from. The small little button to the right bottom is for mid-roll rewind. The LCD display located on the top has information such as exposure manal, shutter, aperture, ISO, or film, battery, flash, exposure comp, self timer, MF mode, date, time, focusing distance and total frame count.

The standard one is better for portraits because there is less distortion for example. Please turn on Javascript in order to fully enjoy this website. Sony NEX 7 It has additional information including aperture, shutter speed, focus distance m or ftas well as exposure meter information.

A bulb mode is also available in manual exposure mode.