The Gravity Motor is what I invented before I discovered the Fuelless Engine! You will not be able to run a car with it, but you can build one to generate AC or DC. Fuelless Gravity Engine Motor / Machine MODEL # 4 33 lb 33 lb This device really works! We Guarantee it to work Hopefully you purchased the video also! you. Title: (Ebook – Free Energy) Creative Science & Research – Fuelless Gravity Engine (#FGE2), Author: Emillions, Length: 20 pages, Published:

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Permanent Magnetic Generator Construction Manual http: Wood Dale, IL www. Because I guess you already know electric motor can be built. In our Model 4, the higher the voltage driven into the solenoid coil, the higher the rpms will be as well as the efficiency of the motor. Before we get started I just want to draw. The input coil consumes only a small amount of amperage to keep it running!

It is a perfect example of an More information. Such an engine,though, still need energy, from some source. High voltage can kill, use rubber gloves as well as rubber shoes etc.

Fuel-less gravity powered electric generator ‘Ozzog’ unveiled | News |

Purpose The purpose of this document is to describe the fuellesd necessary to replace one of the ball nuts More information. Most DC motors also carry one of three duty ratings: Post a comment Name Purpose The purpose of this document is to describe the procedure necessary to replace one of the ball nuts. This device is very easy to build! If you do not take our advice and you try to get away with manufacturing our devices, not only will we find enginf and take legal action but Big Brother will take action as well!


This invention is basically like a windmill generator but does not require wind to make it run. Using more weight and longer slide arms will cause the engine to have more horse power. Our Fuelless Engine is a free energy permanent magnet – electric motor.

Parts and supplies can be ordered by phone and mailed right to your front door from any internet supplier. HV Power Supply 50K.

QTY-1 This is side to base steel attachment for the air cylinder to hook on to. If you can not find what you need there, you can always purchase what you need off of the internet.

Air Cylinder Holding Engibe Holes for attaching to air cylinder. Packed full of step by step information!

Fuelless Gravity Engine

Some of the most common power trains include: A 10 kw x vac generator which is rated at about rpms can be purchased at The idea is to use very little energy at the 6: This is the flywheel, it rotates in a counter clock wise movement.

If we build a Gravity motor to run at about 10 hp and compare that to a commercially built 10 hp electric motor, the gravity motor would win in efficiency over the commercial 10 hp motor, in that the commercial 10 hp motor would fire at about 6 to 8 times to get the rotor to rotate at 10 hp, but our gravity engine only fires 1 time to push the weight back up into a perfect balance position which is from the 6: The use of springs may need to be used.


So who is doing this? When slide extension arm is in the 6: Belt Drives and Chain Drives.

The natural force of attraction between any two massive bodies, which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. A attaches to b and b attaches to C, D also attaches to C which is also connected to part 18 the Air Cylinder.

No oil, no plasma or wind, or solar power, or pressure, or anything of the kind.

The Gravity Motor Plans

The rated load must be centered and distributed over the slide, and the base must be fully supported on a flat mounting surface, so the slide does not acts as a beam. A 12 v marine type battery is used to run a volt AC inverter x watts or less.

Force 1a Inclined Plane: They are for your own personnel use only!

Applications of Pneumatics and Hydraulics Unit code: