Below are links to the previous versions of the tutorial dataset that correspond to freesurfer version and. Downloading and installing FreeSurfer is very easy. It just takes some time because the distribution package is huge (get. This tutorial makes use of the same T1 weighted image dataset (bert) that is used for the FreeSurfer tutorial available at the following location.

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We have copies of this data stored on servers located in the course room.

FreeSurfer Tutorials

Attempting to download this data from the public link this link during the course presents excessive and unnecessary load on our network, and likely will fail due to this load.

Please contact a staff member for help in getting this frsesurfer if needed outside of the course.

Wifi You may connect to any of the following wifi networks in the classroom area all networks use the same password: The talks and tutorials should familiarize you with FreeSurfer’s volume and surface processing streams. The tutorials also describe some of FreeSurfer’s tools for registering volumetric datasets, performing group analysis on morphology data, and integrating multi-modal output with FreeSurfer overlaying color-coded parametric maps onto the ttuorial surface and visualizing plotted results.

  ECS P4M800PRO-M478 PDF

Freesurfer Tutorial PowerPoint File

During the tutorial sessions, you will be shown a variety of commands. Only those that appear in a box should be copy-and-pasted into the terminal. They will look like this: For a list of equivalent keyboard commands on a Mac, please refer to MacCommands. Online Question Forum Videos of Lectures Throughout the course, you may post questions here anonymously or not.

FsTutorial/Data – Free Surfer Wiki

You can find videos of the lectures here. These talks have great content. They are related to, but not directly about, the FreeSurfer processing stream.

Boston Beer Works freesurfsr activity you! Answers to online questions here Boston Beer Works location information here and here.

Meet us in front of Building to catch the 6: From there, cross the street to get to Canal Street. Boston Beer Works will be down that street, on your right.

FsTutorial – Free Surfer Wiki

Shuttles depart every 15 minutes up until 7: Registration talk Aina Frau-Pascual Preprocessing talk Doug Greve 9: Group Analysis talk Doug Greve 2: VBM talk Doug Greve 3: Additional Useful Information During the Course Getting the tutorial data necessary only if you are not taking a formal course where data is provided DO NOT attempt this during a course!


Contact a staff member for instructions on how to get this data locally during the course. Some basic information on text editors can be found here. After the Course Home page: Time Title Type Lecturer 8: Getting the tutorial data. Throughout the course, you may post questions here anonymously or frefsurfer.

Analyzing the Individual Subject. Introduction to FreeSurfer Output. Lunch Suggestions for where to eat.

Quality Checking a Recon. Multi-Modal Integration, Part 1: Multi-Modal Integration Tutorial, Part 1. Introduction to Diffusion MRI. Basics of fMRI Analysis. Multi-Modal Integration, Part 2: Multi-Modal Integration Tutorial, Part 2.