reviews Ignazio Silone’s Fontamara – Grade: A+. His real name was not Ignazio Silone – he was born Secondino Tranquilli. Pescina was not Fontamara and Silone was not a poor peasant. Fontamara estas la nomo de fikcia vilaĝo en Abruco kaj scenejo de romano de la itala verkisto Ignazio Silone. La romano estas pri vivo en.

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Fontamara – Wikipedia

He had been excluded by a purely arbitrary decision. Those who may have need for assistance from more developed peoples will receive no help from the military or the bankers, but from the associations of workers, technicians and intellectuals of free Europe. Pelino lies to them, saying “There are new authorities in office now, who hold the peasants in high esteem and wish to give consideration to their views.

One chapter, dealing ibnazio the Zilone of Porta Piawas cut out completely, making for a neater book but depriving the reader of a masterly explanation of how people are drawn into fascist movements. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. A boy delivers the news to the village and the women go to the regional capital city in order to protest.

Not even partial expropriation of properties was practiced, nor was the land that had been confiscated from religious orders, assigned to peasants. The cafoni also dislike the townsmen and Marietta says “Educated people are pedantic and get very angry about words. Baldissera ask if they are the living dead, the souls bought by Don Circonstanza?

He is always badly treated by the Fontamaresi who cannot pay the taxes and is almost always in the company of the rich and powerful, so much so that he is reduced to a servant by the Impresario’s wife.

But they had done it in the name of the law and in the presence of an inspector of police, and that was incomprehensible Romolo was not a militant; he was, in Silone’s words, ‘a vaguely anti-fascist young man whose education and silonf were Catholic The Fontamaresi are initially reluctant but they do sign the blank pieces of paper he gives them. Such as the so-called Fascists.


The first description of him shows his evil nature and how he can create wealth from anything. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. Don Carlo Magna was the richest man of the village before the Impresario arrived. He talks to them about the government and his socialist point of view during the night.


The political platform he drafted in and published in shortly before his return from exile shows how his politics had shifted since his years in the Communist Party. She shows courage and supports Elvira, her niece, when the women are being raped and the police do nothing. In the dream Jesus is talking to the Pope and requesting the Fucino be given to the cafoni ,that the cafoni be exempt from taxes and that they enjoy an abundant harvest whilst the Pope takes the view of the authorities that Prince Torlonia, nor the government would agree and that an abundant harvest would cause food prices to fall.

The post-unification governments could not help the hunger of the peasants. But the trickster takes their money and doesn’t find them a job. Whilst they are in Rome they find out through a telegram that Elvira has died. Retrieved 14 May I know the fatalism that dominates them and makes them into little sects with all the defects of official Communism — fanaticism, centralism and abstraction — without the characteristics and advantages which Communism derives from the presence of large numbers of workers.

Townsmen work less and earn more, they eat, drink and don’t pay taxes.

Though his father was a small landowner, the boy identified more with the peasants, the cafonithan with the large estate owners who dominated them. Even Don Circonstanza, the Friend of the People, swindles us.

Those who could, escaped”.

The Fontamaresi work the Earth to survive, turn to emigration as a means of economic improvement and are ignorant to events happening outside of their town. The Fontamaresi do not speak Italian, but speak their own dialect and find it difficult to understand people who come from the city. Retrieved 12 May Penguin Forces Book Club Bacth 1.

May 31, Robert Mazzocco: She spends most of her days, and even her nights during the summer, on a stone at the entrance of her house, which was actually a cave. They raise such Italian problems as regionalism, the clash of ideologies and the ways of portraying them in literary form.

It is the story of a tiny village in the southern Appenines that rebelled futilely for a moment against fascist Rome. Some of them miss the truck home and meet a man who takes them to a tavern and offers to help them with their uprising and bring them weapons but, whilst he is gone, the Solito Sconosciuto approaches them to warn them they are being set up. It was incomprehensible, even ridiculous, that a man of that force could have the eyes and the smile of a child [12] p.


Berardo is the spokesman of the people. Pelino informs the government that the Fontamaresi not cooperating through ignorance with the new Fascist regime and Innocenzo la Legge comes to impose a curfew, which will severely inhibit their work, and forbid talk of politics in public places.

The Italian Unification is still a recent event to them, they are ignorant of the new Fascist regime and still think that Queen Margherita is alive.

Berardo and the younger narrator then meet him in prison in Rome. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Within a year it had appeared in nine languages. None of them have ever touched the soil, even for pleasure, but their holdings have extended into a lucrative realm of many tens of thousands of acresfontamxra In return for Torlogne’s political support of the weak Piedmontese dynasty The only other silonw is death. To get even more fonhamara, as he was the one to register a death, when someone died he paid the family five francs and kept the names on the electoral roll and voted for them.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Both the young narrator and Berardo are tortured in prison and Berardo sacrifices himself, pretending he is the Solito Sconosciuto in order for the rebellion to continue and so that people hear about what has happened in Fontamara.

Fontamara – Ignazio Silone – Google Books

And most of the chickens and eggs of Fontamara over 40 years ended up in Don Circostanza’s kitchen [12] p. Too weak and cowardly to rebel against the rich and the authorities, they preferred serving them in order to be jgnazio to rob and oppress other poor men, cafonismall landowners.

Gramsci was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison. He wrote Fontamara first and foremost as an antifascist, setting it in his own region of Abruzzo, east of Rome. This cooperation continued until when, using his code name, Silvestri, he wrote to Bellone: But on this occasion matters took a wholly new turn.