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This course is aimed at studying the operating principles and the main characteristics of the electronic devices and circuits used for the implementation of control systems for industrial automation. In particular, the topics dealt with in the course include the main circuits used for digital signal processing, signal acquisition and conversion, and interfacing with different types sensors. Basics of electron device physics.

37063 – Principles of Electronics for Automation T

Electric properties of metals, dielectrics, and semiconductors. P-type and fondamehti semiconductors. Junction and diffusion capacitance. Symplified models in different operation modes. Linearisation of elementary nonlinear bipoles.: Physical and hybrid model parameters.

Small-signal analysis of basic amplifying stages. Thermal behaviour of transistor characteristics.

Basics of feedback theory. Ideal and nonideal operational Amplifiers. Elementary circuits based on OpAmp. Basics of digital logics: Basic properties of CMOS logics. Static and Dynamic gates. Examples of combinational and sequential logic using CMOS technology. Circuits for signal acquisition, conditioning and conversion. Amplifiers and fondamenri for signal conditioning.


Problems related to the interfacing of the circuits for signal processing with the main types of sensors and transducers used in industrial control systems: Scaling of electrical variables, bias, noise, interference immunity, electrical insulation problems.

Basics on the operating principles and electrical behaviour of direct-type sensors electrodynamic, thermo-couples, piezoelectric. Transmission of electrical signals with opto-electronic insulation also using PWM. Operating principles of resistive, capacitive and inductive parametric sensors. Circuits for signal generation from parametric sensors: Properties in fondxmenti of immunity to thermal drift, interference and supply voltage rejection.

Introduction to amplitude- frequency- and phase-modulated signals. Properties of immunity to non linear distortion and other types of signal perturbation.

Demodulation of pulsed-carrier signals. Examples of application of the limiting amplifier. Operating principles of the quasi sinusoidal oscillator and its use as a carrier generator, clock, VCO, and FM signal generator from resonant parametric sensors.

Operating principles of the hysteresis comparator. The course will be based both on theoretical lessons and on lab activities.

Fondamenti di elettronica : Muhammad Rashid :

The course consists in two parts, one held by prof. Alberto Santarelli 90 hours and the other by prof. Fabio Filicori 30 hours. The exam consists in an oral interview. This is aimed at evaluating: Three subjects will be addressed during the interview.


If requested, some time will be given before the actual colloquium for the writing of helping material, like formulas, graphs, schemes, thought to be useful to his argument.

This course consists in two parts. One is held by prof. See the website of Alberto Santarelli. See the website of Fabio Filicori. My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close. Home Prospective students Current students Exchange students Graduates. Search Course unit catalogue.

Course contents Electron Devices: Graffi, Elementi di Elettronica, Zanichelli. Rashid, Fondamenti di elettronica, Apogeo Teaching methods The course will be based both on theoretical lessons and on lab activities. Teaching tools Copies of transparencies used during the lessons. Notes from the course. Transparent administration Calls and competitions Privacy policy Legal notes List of Thematic websites.