Appendix A – M24 Fluokit Disposal Procedures. Fluokit Indoor Ring Main Units contain Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas as an insulating medium which is. AIR INSULATED SWITCHGEAR. FLUOKIT M+ MV modular switchgear up to 24kV. Technical Specifications. AREVA T&D. Summary. Cubicle equipment. FLUOKIT M+ cubicles include the following features: Operating Cubicles in the FLUOKIT M+ range all have functional . Fluokit M24 & M24+ meets your.

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If this is not the case, please refer to our Service Unit or Training Centre. Contact the Schneider Electric service unit for diagnoses and advice: Schneider Electric, the Schneider Electric logo and their figurative forms are Schneider Electric registered trademarks.

The other brand names mentioned within this document, whether they be fluokkt or not, belong to their respective holders.

Fluokit M24+ – Mechanical control C – CM – Operation – Maintenance | Schneider Electric

Responsibilities Our devices are quality controlled and tested at the factory in accordance with the standards and the regulations currently in force. Apparatus efficiency and fluojit life depend on the compliance with the installation, commissioning and operation instructions described in this user manual. Non respect of these instructions is likely to invalidate any guarantee.


Local requirements especially about safety and which are in accordance with the indications given in this document, must be observed. Schneider Electric declines any responsibility for the consequences: This user manual does not list the locking-out procedures that must be applied.

The interventions described are carried out on de-energized equipment in the flukoit of being installed or locked out non operational. Particular instructions for operation and intervention with energized equipment When commissioning and operating the equipment under normal conditions, the General safety instructions for electrical applications must be respected, protective gloves, insulating stool, etc.

FLUOKIT M24+ – Operation Maintenance Instructions | Schneider Electric

All manipulations must be completed once started. The durations for completing the operations mentioned given tluokit the maintenance tables are purely an indication and depend on on-site conditions.

Do not do it! Compliance with this indication is compulsory, non compliance with this stipulation may damage the equipment.

Brosur Cubicle Fluokit m24

Threaded fasteners with grease: Re-installation of the circuit breaker Proceed with the operations in the reverse order for rei nstalling the circuit breaker. These are carried out by Schneider Electric or by a specialised technician, trained by Schneider Electric in the implementation of procedures, and who is equipped with floukit equipment.


Preventive maintenance of the circuit breaker part Please refer to specific instructions See page 4. This document has been printed on ecological paper Publishing: