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Read this manual completely before installing and operating the equipment. Ensure all safety instructions and procedures are correctly followed and that all operators are fully trained.

All other manuals relevant to components and equipment of the installation must eeurotec followed. Declaration of Conformity 5. Installation and Operating Instructions 9. Set Up Procedure 0. Changing Colour and End eudotec Shift Cleaning. Total Energy Control 4. Manual Boxfeed Spray Unit Model: Vibrating chassis accepts all popular sizes of powder containers up to 30 kg 66 lbs.

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Powder box is mounted at an angle in two planes so that powder is extracted from the lowest point to ensure optimum powder utilisation. Box vibration is supplied by a quiet high efficiency pneumatic vibrator with low air consumption. The frequency may be altered to suit the powder being used and to provide the most effective vibration relative to powder level. To avoid excessive compaction of powder which would be caused by constant vibration and to ensure economical operation, the vibrator operates only when the gun trigger is pulled.

A fluidising pad fitted at the induction point of the suction tube loosens and fluidises powder surotec in the pick-up area of the powder, thus ensuring an even powder supply from difficult or heavily impacted powders. The fluidising pad operates only upon triggering of the spray gun. A non fluidising suction tube is also available as an additional option if required, as many powders will spray quite satisfactorily without the need of local fluidising. The controlled radius arm ensures correct positioning within the powder box, the arm simply lifting clear to a ‘park’ position for fast box replacement and colour changing.

The C85D can be eurotef as a single or double unit and a single unit can be upgraded to furotec double system at a later date if so required. The construction is of a robust design with a low centre of gravity and is transported on large conductive castors. Power transmission between the control unit and spray gun is by a highly flexible, sealed cable assembly.

General Direct Boxfeed Manual Unit: Hose and Cable Length to Gun: Charge Control – Front Panel Rotary potentiometer – sets the maximum level of charge. Manual position- Unit is triggered by micro-switch in Hand Gun or cc6 remote triggering device. Mains Input Via connector on bottom panel. Mains Output Socket, non switched, 6A max. May be used to connect additional control units. Trigger Switch – Remote Micro-switch in hand gun – connected through plug and socket on bottom of control unit.

Circuit Protection Miniature circuit breakers: Oil free to 0. Pneumatic Controls Incoming solenoid valve – Internal Normally closed – opens upon operation of trigger switch on hand gun.

Controls air supply to ‘powder delivery’, ‘powder dilution’, and ‘vibrator’ pressure regulators see Pressure Regulators and Guages. Also controls air supply to the ‘switched auxiliary air supply’ valve on the top panel which supplies the fluidising pad see below.

Switched Auxiliary Air Supply Valve When switched to the “On” position the Switched Auxiliary Air Supply Valve euurotec the fluidising pad to operate via a flow regulator mounted on top of the vertical column and supplies air to the gun which is regulated using a flow regulator on the side of the gun handle.

Pressure Regulators and Gauges These control the air supply pressure to the following: Powder Dilution – bar 30 psi venturi dilution; controls mixture ratio of powder to air from venturi to the gun. Maintained unregulated output for connection of e. Supplied with blanking plug fitted.


Weights and Dimensions Hand Gun Weight: Carefully remove units and components from packaging, and check contents against packing list. Secure the Gun Control Unit to the vertical column using the -off M6 x socket cap head 6c and lock washers as shown. Pass the four un-connected airlines through the hole in the front face of the vertical column below the Gun Control Unit and connect them to the air fittings on the bottom of the Gun Control Unit as follows: Insert the suction tube through the fittings on the front bracket of the articulated arm, fit the sealing washer and then clip the venturi onto its mounting clip.

Connect the three airlines which exit the front of the articulated arm as follows: Secure the Gun Hook to the side of the vertical column oposite the Gun Control Unit using the -off M6 x button head screws as shown. Remove the hand gun from the carton. The gun is supplied fitted with a five metre hose and cable set comprising of: The remaining end of the cable set should be connected as follows: The square electrical connector to the ‘Gun Supply and Trigger’ connection on the rear of the control panel.

The large bore powder hose to the powder spigot on the venturi. Connect a suitable airline to the ‘mains air supply in’ air fitting. If not already fitted, fit the spray nozzle to the gun by removing the large front 0 C85D. Fit either the slotted cap over the front end of the nozzle, or one of the eurotce deflectors supplied. The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured black.

The unit is now ready for use. This equipment can be dangerous unless it is used in accordance with the instructions laid down in this manual. Refer to assembly instructions item 5. The electrical supply to the electrostatic gun and control unit must be interlocked with the spray booth extraction system such that spraying cannot be carried out unless the exhaust ventilation system is in operation.

The efficiency of the exhaust ventilation system should be checked regularly. All conductive structures within the vicinity of the spray area shall be bonded together with the earth terminal of the gun control unit to the protective earth of the system.

The equipment operates eurtec electrostatically charging the powder by means of a high voltage corona euroec at the nozzle of the gun. This electrostatic discharge can seriously damage other electronic equipment if it is sited in close proximity and euroteec suitably protected.

Mehaaniline armatuuri lõikur C6 28

It is essential euotec all jigs and workpieces are adequately earthed. The workpiece shall have a resistance to earth of no greater than Mohm. This should be checked regularly. If the earthing is not adequate, this can result in: This interference may also affect computer systems and process controllers.

Ensure that the air supply is clean and dry. Ensure that all switches are in the OFF position and that all pressure regulators are closed, the knobs should be turned fully anti-clockwise. The knobs of the pressure regulators are released by pulling outwards and locked surotec pressing inwards. Lift the articulated arm until the spring loaded retaining catch locks into position.

Place an open box of powder onto the unit base with the internal x6 bag pulled over the outside of the box or rolled down. Pull out the retention plunger and lower the venturi suction tube into the powder the presence of a spring latch is to ensure wurotec damage occurs to the tie rod if the arm is forced down without first releasing the retaining plunger, this is a safety device and should not be abused.

Improper use of this latch may result in damage to the unit and consequently invalidate any warranty.


The tube will enter the powder towards the centre of the box and will “burrow” into the powder and locate towards the corner of the box during operation. The green LED above the switch will illuminate. With the spray gun pointing into an extracted spray booth, operate the auxiliary air switch on the top right hand of the control unit.

Then operate the trigger of the gun and open the flow regulator on the left hand side of ehrotec gun handle until a hissing is heard from the nozzle of the gun. With the trigger still pressed, open the flow regulator at the top of the column by turning the knob clockwise until a slight disturbance of powder is noticed around the eruotec pad.

This air supply should be kept to a minimum consistent with smooth powder flow to prevent powder from being euroec into the surrounding air. Check that all regulators are operating when the trigger is pulled and adjust pressures as necessary to ensure an even flow of the euroetc quantity of powder from the gun.

The powder in the box should be seen to be moving towards the suction tube when the vibrator is operating and powder is being sprayed. The air pressure required for the vibrator will depend upon the type and condition of x6 powder being used, but too high a pressure will normally have an adverse effect on vibration.

It may be necessary to lower the air pressure to the vibrator when the powder level in the box is relatively low.

If, however, the fluidisation of the powder is too violent, difficulty may be euritec in eliminating surging and erratic powder delivery. With the gun pointing into an extracted spray booth, operate the trigger and slowly turn the Control Potentiometer clockwise.

As the energy threshold for charging the powder is reached the shape of the powder cloud will be seen to rapidly expand. The Control Potentiometer should be further adjusted, with reference to the Electrostatic Meter, to give the desired charging potential up to a maximum 85 kv. When setting the maximum discharge potential the spray gun discharge needle should be placed approximately 00 mm from earth.

The yellow LED will remain illuminated. This setting has no effect on the generation of the electrostatic charge, it simply enables the discharge current ua to be monitored on the electrostatic meter. It will be seen that this will vary between ua depending on the durotec discharge potential and the distance between the gun discharge electrode and the workpiece, or earth.

The discharge potential kv required will depend largely on the object to be coated, although such parameters as environmental conditions may affect the C85D 3. Generally, intricate objects or components with difficult return edges, internal corners or deep recesses, or welded tubular structures may benefit from low discharge potentials of say kv whereas large simple panels may benefit from higher potentials of say kv.

It will be found that aluminium parts require lower settings than steel parts and that re-coating of items which have already been eurote coated may require very low settings such as kv.

Thicker coatings may generally be applied with lower discharge potentials, whereas higher discharge potentials give more of a self limiting effect for thinner coatings, but care must be taken to avoid surface disruptions and back ionisation. The small flow regulator on the left hand side of the spray gun is used to control the air flow which passes forward through the nozzle. This air flow must be adjusted to ensure that the electrode and spreader faces are maintained clean.