This manual is for HVRM-HDH. Before product installation and operation, please become thoroughly familiar with this user manual and other manuals. This manual is for HVRM-TQ, HVRM-TQ, HVRM-TM, HVRM- TM, HVRM-. TM. Before product installation and operation, please become. Before installation or operation please become familiar with the user manual . Contents of the manual can differ according to firmware or Software upgrade.

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EverFocus EDVR SERIES Instruction Manual

Delected data is limited to present HDD used, and it does not affect to backup disk. Press Update button to refresh the event list. Alarm Pop-up sec It sets auto Pop-up display for the alarm. Recording Fdvr is On or Off to save the Text input.

In the Copy menu chose viewer under the copy option. This menu is for viewing Disk information and formatting the disks. For every configuration change or initial setup we recommend formatting edv Hard Disk. Press [EXIT] to return to previous menu. The gateway address is used to uniquely identify a host or computer on the LAN which assigns the IP addresses to your network. When Post Alarm is set to Latched, it maintains user recording continuously till the stop pressing [REC] button by user.


Setup in Alarm Rec If there is video channel want to record with Text sync. Record Setup Menu Diagram 3.

American Dynamics EDVR Manuals

Delimiter Value of Delimiter can be different according to every device. When eDVR is installed, be cautious to locate on safe places where children are unreachable. Dynamic Dns to Both Note: CD backup will be supported later.

Appendi x Appendix B: Table Of Contents Contents Overview Global Alarm Recording 5. Event recording would consist of an alarm or motion having taken place to trigger the DVR to record on that event.

Please refer to the Networking Chapters CH. Device Set external device connected. What type of DVR are you installing? The following means when HDD is broken or has some problem in connection.

Password of admin is set and has all rights and unchangeable. Select Disk Select disk to set. As Local network ID, the manuak indicates network identity in Internet. Function to diplay all video connected sequentially Press more than 1 sec. This is a useful feature since many computers do not use a static IP address. To forward a port, enter the information on each line for the criteria required. If you do not wish to use this function, please set it OFF.


The selected item will show in red color bar. Supplied accessories Unpack and check all the items as below; 1. To enable network alarm.

Before using this feature, you need to sign up for DDNS service at www. Page 33 However, the image is recorded, and can be played back efvr user who has playback right. Application – In this field, enter the name you wish to give the application. Power applied adaptor 1EA. Bookmark function This function is for force occurred event for current monitoring image.


Time Schedule Setup When playback recorded image, it sets which it works together. The default value is 5 seconds. The default value is ON.