Gods of the Ancient Northmen by GEORGES DUMEZIL edited by EINAR The Drama of the World: Haider, Hoder, Loki 43 Translated by 71 lan l oth,\. Results 1 – 27 of 27 Loki. by Dumézil, Georges and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Title, Loki. Author, Dumezil. Publisher, University of Chicago Press, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX.

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In other instances, notably at Rome, where the god Quirinus em- bodied the essence of the third function, 8 a single divinity was the prime representative.

Georges Dumézil

Neither is of course uninterested in riches or in the prod, ucts of the soil, but, at the time when Scandinavian religion is known to us, they have other centers of gravity. Vincent rated it liked it Aug 23, But as we have seen, the traditional Indian social system still reflects this ideology; and in the West, cer- tain of its basic structural features seem to have persisted until almost the modern era— the three “estates” of Medieval and later European society are suspiciously similar to the three Indo-European functions hypothesized by Dumdzil.

Even if all the picturesque details of Snorri’s narrative have not found equally striking correspondences outside Scandinavia I am thinking of the stories of Hcenir and the decapitation of Mfmirthose just recited should suffice to establish that the war of the iEsir and the Vanir is indeed a myth that is older than the Germanic peoples, older than the dispersion of their ancestors and those of the Italic, Indo-Iranian, and other Indo-European peoples.

Among the “introducers” can be included Vayu in the Vedic tradi- tion, the Roman god Janus, and the Norse Heimdall, who announces the end of the world see chapter 7 below.

She came to King Gylfi, and he gave her a ploughland.

It is even possible that before Tacitus Caesar, in his short and inexact account of the Germanic gods, may have attempted to interpret summarily a comparable triad: But llki order to make this first of a long series of essays intelligible, I had to take it for granted that the Ger- manic documentation as well as vumezil comparative documentation that should clarify it, had been rethought in the new framework.

This pattern is original. Even Indra gives in, peace is made, the Nasatya definitely join the divine community, and no al- lusion will ever be made to the distinction among gods or to the initial conflict.


Georges Dumézil – Wikipedia

These objections are not as considerable as they appear at first glance. To all he gave good estates. In the dumezl of altnordische, and conse- quently in that of altgermanische, Religionsgeschichte see Biblio- graphical Noteseverything depends on which solution one proposes to this problem.

Mogk, have thought of a religious dumezll, which in itself is quite improbable. In Germany, with the exception of Jan de Vries’s “Dumczilian” re- vision of his two-volume Altgermanische ReligionsgeS’ chickte which appeared in as number 12 of H.

Some thoughts on reading Dumczil. Philippson’s opinions continue to influence Germanists, however, so in the interests of “equal time” it might be profitable to take a closer look at his main objections.

Philippson recog- nizes the importance of regarding myths as whole entities and of going beyond the motif analysis of folklorists who all too often are unable to see the forest for the trees. An Indo-European Trifunctional Sacrifice? While Njorth lived with the Vanir he had his sister as wife, because that was the custom among them.

All in all, Dumdzil’s successful test of his comparative scheme in the Ger- manic area proved to be pivotal and determined the direction his thought dumezio to take for the next several decades.

These years have mostly been looi in con- solidating and dumdzil his position, loko to a final “summing up. Even the most illustrious warriors, such as Indra, Starkad, and Hercules, were culpable; and they received progressively rumezil severe punishments, usually involving the loss of physical vigor, as each sin was committed. It is thus legitimate and even methodologi- cally necessary, before denying significance or antiquity to a “theo- logeme” or myth among the Scandinavians, to dumdzil if the religions of the most conservative Indo-European peoples, the speakers of San- skrit, Italic, and Celtic, do not present a similar belief or story.

I refer the student once and for all to the new edition of Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte by de Vries Volume I, ; II,which constitutes the twelfth section of Grundriss der germanischen Philologie, founded at die beginning of the century by Hermann Paul; and to the account “Die altgermanische Religion” xlvi Author’s Prefacewhich occupies columns of the great collection Deutsche Philologie im Aufriss by Professor W.

Loki by Georges Dumézil

B Gods of the Ancient Northmen Gullveig, literally, “gold drink, gold-drunkenness,” sent by the Vanir to the iEsir, who, despite metallurgical treatment, cannot rid them- selves of her. The northern part of Svfthjoth is uncultivated on account of frost and cold, just as the southern part of Blaland is a desert because of the heat of the sun.

  JRX 118 PDF

Retrieved from ” https: The name Kvasir in this legend lias long been interpreted: The first part comprises a fully revised version of Mythcs et dieux des Ger- mains, published in under the title Lcs dieux des Germains: Paul’s Grundriss der gcrmanischen Philologic Berlinthe works that have appeared deal with matters less centripetal to the tripartite struc- ture of the Germanic pantheon than is the case in Scandinavia.

What is important now is simply that these idols attest to, and excellently describe, a tripartite theo- logical structure. And be- cause 6diin had the gift of prophecy and was skilled in magic, he knew that his offspring would inhabit the nordiern part of the world.

There are giants and dwarfs; there are black men and many kinds of strange tribes.

Teodelina added it May 21, The formula of ab- juration imposed on lpki, which is conserved in the Vatican in a ninth-century manuscript, contains in fact these words: It is clear, however, that the dominant party in these honorable settlements is that formed by the dmuezil of the first two functions. If in order to escape contradiction, one retains from Snorri, as is usual, only the idea of the conflict and of the reconciliation, reserving the right not to situ- ate everything where Snorri does, on the Black Sea, during the initial period, lkki on the contrary, near the terminus, at a northern point in the Germanic regions, one is clearly being arbitrary, for what ob- jective criteria permit one to decide that one part of a text is truly remembered, hence useful as a historical document, and that some other part is fantasy?

The priestly function was as- sumed by the king, the keepers of the temple, dimezil the paterfamilias. To the best of my knowledge, he had no dealings with Pearson, and over the years he maintained a cautiously ambiguous relation with the two others, both of whom courted him avidly.