My interest in Driftglass stemmed from reading a James Blish short story called Surface Tension. In that story, humans have to adapt to a ocean. “Driftglass” is a lovely story about a type of military unit which uses technology to allow humans to live underwater. The main character, Tio Cal. Driftglass [Samuel R. Delany] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Science fiction by a master of the genre.

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Driftglass collects Samuel R. These stories were originally published in a four-year period from to I read a facsimile of the Signet edition.

According to Wikipedia, all of these stories are also available in the collection Aye, and Gomorrah, and Other Stories. The collection shows why Delany is often ranked with the likes of Gene Wolfe as one of the foremost literary stylists in science fiction. Otherwise, his prose is as evocative and compelling as any author in SF.

The Star Pit This story pretty much hits you right in the nose with its theme, which is our reaction to human limitations. Only a limited few, known as goldenhave the psychological make-up needed to survive travel to other galaxies.

The flip side is dellany golden are all more-or-less psychotic, uninterested in the feelings of others. Vyme lives at the Star Pit, a waystation on the edge of the galaxy, compelled to push the limits of his containment. There he encounters a variety of other societal misfits, some of whom turn out to be golden. Finally the golden discover aliens who can drivtglass to places the golden cannot, and they too must face the limits of their containment.

Driftglass – Samuel R. Delany | Martin’s Booklog

Knowing Delany is one of very few African-American SF writers, its hard not to draw a parallel with the black experience in America. And whites by-and-large must have seemed as callous toward blacks as golden toward normal humans in the story. Realizing that whites face their own social limitations must be small consolation to those who were or are stuck in some narrow role dictated not by their own will but by uncontrollable forces. This is truly a fantastic piece of science fiction.


Driftglass by Samuel R. Delany

The story explores the relationship between Panos and his brother Spyro, the narrow world of the isolated island, and the seperate hopes of Spryo and an orphaned young woman to leave the island driftflass greater things. This is one driftglasss two fantasies in the collection; and what fantasy there is, is subdued, mostly in the minds of the islanders. Nonetheless, the tale is magical. In the hospital she meets telepathically Buddy, a young man with a limited intellect and a history of getting into trouble.

Together they discover that the music of pop sensation Bryan Faust can give them enough joy dridtglass help them endure the other pain in their lives. Among non-spacers certain maladjusted souls, frelkshave developed a sexual fascination with the spacers. But our protagonist somehow hopes to connect with a frelk on a different level. Mainly there is the parallel between the frelks seeking liason with spacers in back alleys and certain established corners of city parks with the necessarily circumspect arrangements made by gays in pre-Stonewall times and later.

But its likely to still connect with gays, and could potentially open the eyes of straights in more traditional driftflass.

This entry was posted on September 20, at 6: You can follow any responses to this entry through the Delwny 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. They break, and the tide pulls the pieces back and forth over the sandy bottom, wearing the edges, changing their shape.



Sometimes chemicals in the glass react with chemicals criftglass the ocean to change the color. Sometimes veins work their way through in patterns like snowflakes, regular and geometric; others, irregular and angled like coral.

Put them in water and they become transparent again. An interesting collection of stories from the always ambitous pen of Samuel Delany.

He frequently plumbs the most intimate thoughts of his characters. But, eventually, it fell somewhere in the library and I dflany involved in reading other things. Which I then re-read. And if you have, then this collection is still a wonderful synopsis of some of his finest early writing.

That is not to say they are connected stories in fact, there is little linking them except some themes and the author but, as a whole they explore similar subjects.

In particular, exploring alienness, whether it be external or internal. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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