The DisplayLink DL-1×5 Series of chips allows manufacturers of USB based peripherals, monitors, and projectors to quickly and economically build a variety. unique solution to instantly clone or extend a desktop onto another display. The DisplayLink DL/DL are provided with a video port – analog VGA, DVI or . udlfb is the original displaylink kernel framebuffer driver, without dynamic mode libdlo currently supports the DisplayLink DL and DL

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In a world where multi-tasking is a necessity, multi-display configurations are becoming ever more popular.

DisplayLink is a new kind of technology that promises to take the hassle out of adding additional displays to your PC — even six dl-102 possible. Before I knew what DisplayLink was, it became apparent fairly quickly that USB-display technology was catching on just from conversing with our usual contacts at this months CES.

Their product is by far the best-looking out there, though. Theirs are also stackable, and solid enough so they will not move around on your desk by accident. That issue alone is one that could confuse consumers.


At current time, DisplayLink markets two different chipsets for these devices, the DL and DL, with the difference being the performance capabilities. Luckily, most people should not have to worry about this, since the manufacturers site should clearly state the maximum allowed resolution of their device.

Before I left, they slipped me a media displqylink, which contained two DisplayLink DVI adapters, various cables and the required software.

Usage Scenarios for USB Displays

Note that this is not a commercially available version, as DisplayLink themselves do not sell the end-product. Rather, their partners do. No matter which method you choose to go with multi-display setups, the most ideal method is having all of your displays utilize the same resolution, just for the fact that when you have a couple different displays using a wild variation of different resolutions, it can hinder multi-tasking a bit.

As you can see in the above photo, DVI displaglink not included must be connected to the device and then plugged into the monitor.

DisplayLink DL-1×5 Series

From there, a standard USB cable runs from the device to your machine. Once the hardware was connected, I installed the software and displaulink a quick reboot. After the software installation, I was skeptical that Windows was going to boot and light up the external displays, but sure enough, it did. Disppaylink was by far one of the most easiest installations I have ever dealt with — not a single issue along the way.


Right-clicking this will allow you to tweak the connected displays, whether by changing the color quality, resolution or rotation. Page List Top 1.

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