Start Tabs – Depapepe, version (1). Play Start Tabs using simple video lessons. Start Tab by Depapepe tabs | tabbed by abyan | comments (0) 1 2 3 4 5 print send report Recommended tabs If you like Start Tab by Depapepe you might also . Choose and determine which version of Start chords and tabs by Depapepe you can play. Last updated on

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A blog in which I host my brother’s videos as well as a few instrumentals of my own. Tabs are provided for those interested in learning the songs. Hope you’re touched and inspired by them.

It’s all for God: Browse song chords by artistes names beginning with: It’s mostly downstrokes at the accents and chorus. Can you help me with tear down the walls? Am, G, F, G F, C, Am, G D lol thank eepapepe so much for the other videos. Hey lissette, the chords for My Soul Sings by Delirious are: C, Dm, Am, F. C, G, Am, F.

The depapeppe videos are great! I was wondering if you had an instructional video for How He Loves Cepapepe Walker or David Crowder but anything you can provide will be appreciated Just want to let you know that your instructionals are benefitting guitar players halfway across the world! I never thought I’d actually make a request and I realize you guys are taking any new ones in the meantime I’m learning to play it by ear but finding the fingering very hard to grasp Here’s the link to the song’s video that I’m learning from: I don’t need this quick so please take your time!

Or hey, check out the song and see what you ta. Thanks again for all that you guys are doing!

They have helped me a great deal to know chords for the worship songs I love and to learn how to play. May Ddpapepe continue to bless you all richly.

Keep up the good work and keep on working for Jesus. God be with you!! Hey Graham, you’re awesome. Great song and great story to it too C, Am, G, F C, Dm, G, F First time I saw your video in youtube.


After then sometimes I visited here to see and learn how to play the guitar. I want to learn the song, “I stand in awe of you”. Could you post it?

Thanks and God bless you. Hi, Can you teach me how to do struming for the song “We’ll be Faithful”?

I kind of lost at the Chorus part. Hey there, which artiste is “We’ll Be Faithful” sung by?

START – DEPAPEPE Chords – Chordify

There seems to be a few different songs out in YouTube. This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Hey Graham could you please do a video and instructional video on Take my Hand.

It’s by The KRY. Greetings from Germany, I really like your instructions and commentary about the lyrics. Please keep them coming. I have a chord request: I was wondering if you could find the chords and tabs for “Depapepe – Snow Dance” for both guitars? I tried my best in looking every website, but i guess, i can’t get the right one. D, Dmaj7, G, Gm G, D, G, A D, Bm, Em, Gm Bm, G, D, G, Asus You two are very blessed. Can you please post the chords for Believe by planetshakers.

I’m sorry if my grammar isn’t good enough. Can you please do the song by brandon heath called trust you So please give it a try Em, D, C, G.

Em, D, C, G Hey Daniel, stqrt you make a cover of the song Rise and Sing by Fee. I would really appreciate it. God Bless you and your family! Hi There, I left this request in a post on the side bar of your blog, but I don’t know tba it should have been here instead. Could you please let me know the strumming patterns and the chords for Andrew Peterson’s “Many Roads?

Depapepe — Start Tab

The strumming pattern is D DU. The first D is to hit the bass note, while the other DU is to play the rest of the strings below. GOD Bless You man. Hi Guys, How about my request? I am really appreciate that. A warm hello from a sunny South Africa – I want to ask you a huge favour – we have a great singer here is South Africa named Riana Nel – she has a song called Lord You Know – I am desp wanting to learn to play this on my guitar – I am really hoping you’ll watch her video on youtube and let me know how to play her song?


Thank you so much for a great site, I am a great fan and have learnt so much! Warmest regards, Tegan Diedericks – ntdd vodamail. Can you please tell me the strumming pattern for Depapepe Start. I want to play that song so badly. Thank you in advance. Hi Daniel, Can I download your videos from youtube and save it on my phone so that I can listen to it while travelling?

Also confirm if it’s ok to share your videos with my other friends. God bless you for your good work. Please feel free to download the videos and to share them with your friends! Tell them about the great resources they can find on YouTube and our website: Would it be possible for y’all to do a tab of it? Below are website links of 1 a guy plucking the song, and 2 his proposed chords, respectively which I can’t replicate too! Subscribe to our Feed.

Start chords & tabs by Depapepe @ Tabs

Daniel’s Blog – Guitar Basics Loading Posted by Graham Choo at 5: Newer Post Older Post Home. Like Us On Facebook! Who’s Following This Blog. My Maxim “For to me, to live is Christ depxpepe to die is gain.