: Demon Moon (The Guardians, Book 2) (): Meljean Brook: Books. Demon Moon (Guardians, book 4) by Meljean Brook – book cover, description, publication history. Deadly creatures from the realm of Chaos herald the return of an imprisoned nosferatu horde, and the bond between a vampire and his lover is their only.

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Posted November 1, by Holly in Reviews 8 Comments. No one would call vampire Colin Ames-Beaumont kind, but they would call him unnaturally beautiful. For two centuries his tainted blood has kept him isolated from other vampires, sustained only by his beauty and vanity—bitter comforts, since a curse has erased his mirror reflection, replacing it with a remon glimpse of Chaos.

Savi Murray’s insatiable curiosity had gotten her into trouble before, but she’d always escaped unscathed. In the midst of Heaven, he gave her a taste of ecstasy—and of Chaos. Although I enjoyed DA, my biggest issue with it was the pacing. It seemed bogged down with info dumps and was often so slow going I felt like banging my head against the wall.

It was just my own busy life intruding on my reading time. The pacing issues were totally cleared up. Way to go, Meljean.

Though I truly enjoyed his character in Demon Angel, I thought he seemed shallow and vain and…almost immature? But MB did an amazing job of showing us the different sides of him. Yes, he was shallow and vain about some things, but the truth is, he was just as tortured as Hugh. Watching him struggle to battle his personal demons and his attraction to Savi was just. As for Savi, well, I loved her. Like, I totally have a girl-crush on her. I think she was a more personable heroine.


I loved her wit and humor brok her general approach to life. We saw the same characters. Michael and Selah, the Guardians. And we were introduced to several new characters. But they stayed in the background and the main focus was on Colin and Savi. In DA I often felt like, just when the hrook between Hugh and Lilith were getting intense, the focus would shift to something else. Although there are other things going on around them.

A rogue btook, a cult of vampires and pressure for Colin to lead the vampire community. The conflict between Savi and Colin, and the major thing that threatens their HEA was perfectly done. I was on the edge of my seat with this one.

I even cried a little. I think the only issue I had with the book was…the sexual tension. Normally I lurve me some sexual tension, but this went on WAY too long.

I mean, come one. Every single time they were about to get it on, something would happen.

Retro Review: Demon Moon by Meljean Brook

I was about to pull my hair out. Luckily once they finally get to doing the dirty it makes up for all the previous tension. But I have to tell you, I was hurting there for awhile. On her blogMeljean mentioned someone else reading this book and saying it could standalone. As it was, there were several times I had to go back to DA to reference something. IMO, they should be read together.

Overall this book was koon. This book is out June 5, so be sure to moob it up to the top of your wish list. I really like it. She has excerpts up. Great, another series to add to my TBR pile. Between bloghopping, my Romantic Times Mag, and being a librarian…I might as well forget about having a jeljean much to read, so little time!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Of course, I should be reading instead of blog hopping. I really must get around to it soon! You almost have me sold on the series.


Man, another series, huh? My bank account does NOT thank you Holly, but man I really mooon to read this so to hell with my bank account, this is going on my to buy soon list!

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Demon Moon (Guardians , book 4) by Meljean Brook

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