Daemon Hunter, a supplement for Dark Heresy, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore! The Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus. Well I emailed FFG and he (Martin) said the storm bolter stats in Daemon Hunter were used before the errata for DW was finalized, so they. FFGDH16 Daemon Hunter – Dark Heresy RPG by Fantasy Flight Game Daemon Hunter is the long-awaited sourcebook covering the Ordo Malleus for the Dark.

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By csabeszJune 16, in Dark Heresy.

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The book is supposedly out I have no idea where, but most probably in the US at some stores and PrimarchX over at the dakkadakka. So without further ado, here it is:.

I’m particularly interested in the structure of the Calixian Malleus, so a lot of this stuff looks fascinating. These are of most interest to me at the moment.

One of my two groups decided that they do want to confront daemons in their games as the cp involved are not what they want to gatherbut offering some of them the options to undone warpinfluence is a very good thing I’m most curious about the GK stats and if they are neresy with DW. As there seems to be a lot of equipment in it I hope there won’t be so much typos as in heres last FFG-publications. I can forgive any errors in the text and descriptions but why must they always crop up in the tables?

Dark Heresy: Daemon Hunter by Fantasy Flight Games

Well, they already said in the previews that GKs will dameon with two distinct rulesets depending on where you want to use them, so they will be available for both DH as well as DW. As far as the nerfing goes, it’s really not like they wouldn’t have done that already to other careers for the sake of playability. I’d say it comes down to how they really work and feel both in relation to other characters as well as the enemies they face rather than just looking at cold numbers and printed words – just wait and see.


The table of contents looks interesting – even if my curiosity for the Malleus is limited, it sounds like darl book would come with a lot of useful stuff, up to dari including more on daemons and corruption.

If I find a place to actually order it, I shall acquire this one. Thanks for re- posting that index! New demonic weapons, more toys for Xanthites! I have the book, and while there are semi- distinct rulesets for use in DH and DW, rank 1 for a Grey Knight starts at 13k xp. You won’t be getting Grey Knight level 1 acolytes from this book. This is good news. Wonder why they didn’t bring out the GK-stats under the DW flag, is this a way to force the buyers to cross over to another game-line or are the stats really usable for both bunter With 13K xp they are on par with the DW SM, but they also have heesy buy psychic powers from this points, so they can’t be more powerful than an “ordinary” Librarian.

In addition, my humble apologizes to the creatore of the topic for hijacking dafmon in order to quench my burning thirst for wisdom. Your oh-so-humble fellow forum-user Gregorius P. His wisdom guided the Mechanicus of the FFG-forge to invent the proper instruments to cleanse the galaxy from daemon-scum.

Review: Fantasy Flight Games – Daemon Hunter (Dark Heresy)

Maybe we will get the DW errata 1. Otherwise this will start the old SoB-weapons-should-be-as-good-as-SM anew and this time they are even in the same game. Let’s get ready to herssy Are there also stats for Terminator or only for normal power armour? Sorry, I have no idea what those things actually do. I only know the GK bits. Well I emailed FFG and he Martin said the storm bolter stats in Daemon Hunter were used before the errata for DW was finalized, so they could not stop the printer for Daemon Hunter stats; therefore he suggested using the DW errata stats for storm bolters, which heredy a lower pen, etc.

Dark Heresy – Daemon Hunter

Also, the new DW errata for astartes weapons would be the new standard from what I gathered, so we can expect the same stats for Black Crusade traitor marines. Banisher is an alternate rank 1 start for clerics, essentially an ‘exorcist’ type person as they have a lot of anti daemon powers, one that gives additional damage to warp instability tests, one that holds a daemon in place and strips it of daemonic trait.


The Banisher doesn’t get all the aforementioned at the start but as darmon rank up. Theomancer is a rank 4 psyker elite advance. They are like oracles and focusing on divination. They get to use the emperor’s tarot to help them on a skill roll. The Techsorcist is a rank 6 tech priest elite advance.

They really don’t get anything special per se. Other than access to more forbidden lores to help them in daemon fighting. Nothing for rules on excorcism per se. There is an excorcist-like elite advance for the adept or cleric called the Daemonym Seeker, which allows them to gain certain bonuses to combat and damage to daemons by knowing the true name of the daemon, kinda like an excorcist.

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Already have an account? Dark Heresy Search In. Posted June 16, So without further ado, here it is: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Chapter II – Hunter Careers I think the Grey Knights chapter looks quite huge compared to the others: Posted June 17, Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Hate having to wait til Thursday to get the book. The pain, the pain Posted June 18, Hope I will get my copy next week.

I have the book Terminator Armour and Dreadknights. Perhaps some rules for Exorcimsn? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to hresy a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Sign Up.