Couperin wanted to hear his music performed with taste, and filled his scores What on earth does Le Tic-Toc-Choc ou les Maillotins mean?. Certaines informations figurant dans cet article ou cette section devraient être mieux reliées Allemande La Verneüil ; La Verneüilléte ; Sœur Monique ; Le turbulent ; L’atendrissante ; Le tic-toc-choc, ou Les maillotins ; Le gaillard-boiteux. Couperin – Tic Toc Choc & other pieces. Harmonia Mundi: HMC Buy CD or download online. Alexandre Tharaud (piano), with Pablo Pico (tambour).

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Of all the harpsichord repertoire, the works penned by the French Baroque composers were intrinsically wedded to the instrument.

This scan was made from the facsimile edition published by Anne Fuzeau Productionsand as it is a direct photographic rendition, it obviously reproduces the elegant engraving of the original edition which was supervized by Couperin himself. The facsimile is just that, couperjn it obviously preserves the original clefs—the familiar treble for the upper stave right handand perhaps the not-so-familiar soprano for the lower, where the bottom line is middle c’.

The experience should enable us to be wary of whatever we read on the page…. The composer kindly refers us to the preface of his third volume of harpsichord tjc for instructions on how to play the piece. Thanks, but no thanks: Fingerings are kindly chooc in the usual manner as though we are not capable or intelligent enough practices to decide our own, and there is the usual expressive goop that pianists seem to have trouble living without. Many musicians, though, would be grateful to have familiar clefs for both hands.


Instead, we must cross the Channel. It is 33 from The portrait gallery series. While it is unashamedly pianistic, here is a version by a chox that has obviously looked something close to the original source, and preserved as much of the architecture of the music as he could.

‎Couperin: Tic Toc Choc by Alexandre Tharaud on iTunes

My next example was copyrighted inand is from Kalmus study scoreFrench Composers for gic Clavichord. The clavichord was not terribly popular in France. So what score can you reliably play from?

One of the best may well be one of the first: Edited by Brahms and Chrysander, this scan was made from the Cuoc edition, first published aboutand frequently reprinted.

The couprrin is crisp and clear, almost sparse in appearance on the page without the expressive goop and fingerings of the other versions. For many modern musicians, we can safely return to the French, and use the Heugel Le Pupitre series, the four Couperin volumes edited in the early s by Kenneth Gilbert.

This score shares the neat appearance of the antique Augener edition, chco has the advantage of later scholarship and greater accuracy. We used to make the various harpsichord volumes of this Le Pupitre series available. Ther was a wide variety of composers represented, and my only wish was that the volumes were better bound.


They are frequently found on the shelves of musicians, despite their expense, and until a few years ago when playing from facsimile became vogue, this quite fine edition was the only way many composers were available. Revival vs historic harpsichord First go at the historic harpsichord First go at the modern harpsichord Harpsichord editions Music Books.

Tic toc; an indeclinable and artificial term, which expresses a beating, a reiterated movement, a pulse that beats, a horse that walks, the pendulum of a clock, a hammer that knocks.

5 Pièces de Clavecin (Couperin, François)

Those who have a Harpsichord with only one Manual, or a spinet, will play the upper part as written, and the Bass an octave lower; when the Bass cannot be taken an octave lower, then the upper part will have to be moved up an tuc. Pieces of this kind, moreover, are suitable for two flutes or oboes, as well as for two Violins, two Viols and other instruments of equal pitch, it being understood that those who play them will adapt them to their own range.

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