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Teoria literatury, krytyka, interpretacja in Polish. The following other wikis use this file: As the mixture expanded in heat, it produced an illusion of a whole capon fit inside a bottle.

In the late 17th century, Compendium ferculorum was anonymously translated into Russian as Povarennaya kniga Cookery Book.

co,pendium It is divided into three chapters, each of which contains one hundred recipes for meat, fish and diary dishes, respectively. Strona 82 z oryginalnego wydania r. One of the most important tasks of a chef in old Poland was to take care of his master and prepare dishes that would suit his mood and condition. Description Compendium ferculorum, p The book contains hundreds of original recipes, additives and the secrets of traditional Polish cuisine, French cuisine and others from the 17th century.

Each chapter, apart from the hundred main dishes, also contains so-called additament supplement of another ten recipes for side dishes to go with the former main dishes.

On the one hand, there may be more than one recipe under a single numbered heading. Views Read Edit View history. It shows how the cooking, which seems to be a prosaic activity, can become an art.

The entire edition was made to look just like in the 17th century.

Enlarged with 40 additional recipes. He began his service in ca.

Summary [ edit ] Description Compendium ferculorum, p InCompendium ferculorum served as an inspiration to Adam Mickiewicz for his nostalgic description of “the last Old Polish feast” in Pan Tadeusz[42] [9] a mock heroic poem set in the years —, which has come to be revered as the Polish national epic. Views View Edit History. Mickiewicz, Adam [].


In the old Polish cookbooks, groats are very popular as one of the basic ingredients of the daily menu. Retrieved from ” https: This translation was never published and is only known from a manuscript held at the Russian State Library in Moscow another manuscript Russian translation of Czerniecki’s work is possibly held at the National Library of Russia in Saint Petersburg. Recipes for spinach tart, puff-pastry apple tart and several headings with no recipes. Here the Tribunequite done, with his staff gave a sign, And the house-servants entered in pairs, in good line, And began serving: A fish uncut, with head fried, its middle baked through, At its tail end and swimming in sauce, a ragout.

The Polish-style pike, described in numerous European cookbooks, deserves a few worm words from us. Oriental spices and fruits, oysters, turtles, snails, caviar, various kinds of meat, fish and various cakes turn out to be popular in the traditional Polish cuisine. The instructions in Compendium ferculorum are succinct and often vague, lacking such elements of modern culinary recipes as lists of ingredients used, measurements or proportions, and cooking times. The collection, or rather passionate treaty about the cuisine, presents a definitely Baroque style of culinary art.

Czerniecki counted sugar among spices and used it as such; his book contains few recipes for desserts, but sugar is used profusely in recipes for meat, fish and egg dishes.

He should be neat and tidy, with a good head of hair, well-combed, short at the back and sides; he should have clean hands, his fingernails should be trimmed, he should wear a white apron; he should not be quarrelsome, he should be sober, submissive, brisk; he should have a good understanding of flavor, a sound knowledge of ingredients and utensils, together with a willingness to serve everyone.

Compendium Ferculorum Or Collection of Dishes – Stanisław Czerniecki – Google Books

This file has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights. In this new wave of French gastronomy, exotic spices were largely replaced with domestic herbs with the aim of highlighting the natural flavours of foods. Photo-offset reprint of the edition. There are also several different secrets on how to roast a chicken fercculorum the bottle, how to cook a whole fish so that one part of it will be fried, the ferculprum one will be roast and the third one cooked.


Kurtiak & Ley

For more details please contact us. Page 82 from the original edition of the cookbook Compendium ferculorum. During the long and laborious process of preparing the brew or rather concentrate, the patient was not allowed to eat, so that he could consume the medicine on an empty stomach.

Under the heading of “spices” fdrculorum not only saffronblack peppergingercinnamonclovesnutmeg, mace and cuminall of which were used abundantly in Czerniecki’s cookery, but also powdered sugarrice”large” and “small” raisinscitrus fruits such as lemonslimes and orangesand even smoked ham and smoked beef tonguewhich were also used as seasonings. Vinegar was also used in copious amounts. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. According to the author, the medicine could be used only once during the same illness and “the sign of improvement would ferdulorum, if the patient started sweating.

File:Compendium ferculorum, p 82.jpg

Thus, a cooking artist is, in the author’s opinion, first of all an experienced expert in human life and all sorts of life problems. Old Polish cookbooks Cookbooks, known in Europe as handwritten collections of recipes already in the Middle Ages, became popular and were printed in …. Roasted beef and mutton was also added.

The juice was collected in a glass dish and it was also important to throw a string of pearls and golden ducat into it. Bibliografia polska [ Polish Bibliography ] in Polish.