The Chroma Milliohm Meter is Chroma’s newest digital Milliohm Meter. With a basic accuracy of % the instrument offers a. mΩ ~MΩ wide. On Sale Chroma ✅ Engineers on staff. ✅ FAST quotes ✅ We accept POs. A Four Terminal Test Cable. The Chroma Milliohm Meter is. Chroma’s newest digital Milliohm Meter. mΩ~MΩ wide measurement .

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With a basic accuracy of 0.


It provides measurement range with 4? The fast measurement time is 65 ms. It suits component evaluation on production line.

The Chroma Milliohm Meter provides three kinds of mode for different type material application. Pulsed test current output mode is used to reduce thermal EMFs affection on milliohm measurement.

DC test current output mode is used to fasten measurement speed for inductive DUT. Dry-circuit test current output mode is used to measure such contact resistances where the maximum open-circuit voltage must be limited to 20mV. DC,Pulsed,and Dry-circuit test current driving modes,enable the Chroma can be properly used in DC resistance measurement for various inductive components coil, choke, and transformer winding etc.

The Chroma provide temperature correction function. Temperature correction Temperature correction function without regard to material or temperature. Users usually get different resistance value with different ambient temperature.

Conventional units have temperature correction using a copper wire at 20? C only, but the provides converted values regardless of material or temperature. The Chroma provide menu type front panel with LCD Display, and fhroma programming assures that low resistance measurements can be made quick and easy. For measurement integrity, contact to the test device is made via a 4-terminal Kelvin connection that incorporates an automatic zeroing function to compensate for lead errors.


This mode is proper to be used for inductive DUT measurement which is faster because of just one level measurement. The number of measurements to take then average can be set from 01 to The instrument default setting is Unless rejected in some way, the thermoelectric EMFs can interfere with the measurement. This mode is used to eliminate the affection of thermoelectric EMFs, and is proper to be used for low resistance measurement and conduction materials thermal characteristic analysis.

A beeper volume selection. Delay time between the test start and the external trigger. Generally used for automatic equipment timing adjustment or delay time for waiting a real leakage current.

Generally used for DUT need more time for charge. For some large chrroma component testing,trigger delay time must be set to delay the measurement chromq point till test current is ready. The Chroma limits this open-circuit voltage level to be lower than 20mV.

The 1652 of micro current is easily interfered by power noise. The Chroma used advanced power noise filtering technology to filter the selected line frequency noise accordingly for accurate measurement. The limit can be set to single Upper or Lower, and both, depends on test requirement.

For example, for general insulation material and capacitor, lower than the upper limit of leakage current is Pass. However, for anti-static electric materials, chrmoa than the lower limit of leakage current or between the upper and choma limits is pass.

RS transmission baud rate selection. There are, and for vhroma. It sets the speci?

It sets the thermal coef? There are two types of PT and PT Production Testing of various inductive components coil, choke, and transformer winding etc. Conductivity Evaluation in Product Design? This function avoid chgoma complex calculation and calculation error. Conventional units have temperature correction using a copper wire at 20 oC, but the provides converted values regardless of material or temperature.


Chroma supports two common types of temperature probe, PT and PT Users just plug the temperature probe in the interface card with temperature function at back panel.

Users also can key in the ambient temperature without the temperature probe to get temperature correction.

Setting For chroms, if the ambient temperature is 30? C, then this correction can be obtained by making settings as shown below for the corrected temperature and the thermal coef? C at an ambient temperature 30? Corrected temperature setup value 2. This function display the temperature t or increase in temperature. It is also possible to use the calculated value for making comparisons.

When evaluating motors and coils, it is necessary to con? The temperature conversion function can not chrooma used at the same time as the temperature compensation function.

Allow the motor or coil to reach room temperature, and then measure the resistance r0 and ambient temperature t0 before supplying power to the motor or coil. Turn on the power, and then turn the power off once you think that the increased temperature of the motor or coil has reached a plateau.

After the power is turned off, the device measures the change in temperature.


Setting For example, with a copper wire at an initial temperature t0 of 20? The device then calculates and displays the increase in temperature. Unknown Test Terminal 6. Line Voltage Selector Temperature Compensation Card A PT Temperature Probe A Four terminal test cable with Clips Distributed by: