This page is designed to bring you as many visual representations of music Cheesy Poofs Santa Clara Vanguard – A Non-Profit Youth Music Organization. Made by jordanthowerton. Music notation created and shared online with Flat. Any commercial reproduction of any of the music on the following page is strictly prohibited. All of the files are for private use and are provided for educational.

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Because there are an infinite number of ways to produce new patterns and add variations to those patterns, there is no end to the number of ways that hybrids are created. Hybrids are continually being created, and we believe that there will never be a definitive list of every possible hybrid rudiment. Our plan is to demonstrate some of the most common hybrids, and open the floor to poofa and interesting rudimental patterns.

The misic themselves have evolved with playing sgeet writing styles. Beginners might be better served by starting with the Fresh Approach Lesson Series and the Essential Rudiments before working on the Hybrids.


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Drum Corps Sheet Music

Sort By Title Date. Balloons by Emmanuel Deleon. Blue Cheese by Roger Carter. Blue Cheese Paradiddle by Roger Carter. Blurz by Danny Raymond. Book Report by Casey Brohard.

Cheesy Poofs – Sheet music for Marching Bass Drums

Book Reports by Jeff Queen. Cheese by Tom Aungst. Cheese Chutra Cheese by Jim Yakas. Cheese Patafla-fla by Michael Moore. Choo-choo by Zach Schlicher.

Chudda Chudda Fla by Danny Raymond. Churruckitah by Pete Sapadin.

Chut Cheese by Neil Sylvia. Chutichuh by Pete Sapadin. Chutra-Cheese by Jim Yakas. Dachada Swiss by Zach Schlicher. Deviled Egg by Pete Sapadin. Double Flam Drag by Pete Sapadin. Double Flam Swiss by Zach Schlicher. Rion by Danny Raymond. Eggbeaters by Casey Brohard. Eggbeaters by Tom Aungst. Flam Five by Tom Aungst. Flam Five, Singled by Danny Raymond. Flam Flam by Zach Schlicher. Flammed by Mike Huestis. Flow Five by Danny Raymond. Fubar by Pete Sapadin.

Ghost Flams by Pete Sapadin.

  FM 357-2 PDF

sheet music trade

Grandmas by Casey Brohard. Herta by Neil Sylvia. Horsey by Bill Bachman. Inverted Flam Cheese by Thom Hannum.

Inverted Inverted Cheese by Roger Carter. Inverted Inverts by Jeff Poors. Inverts, Move the Accent by Jeff Queen. Malf by Casey Brohard. Ninjas by Pete Sapadin. Plutnduh by Pete Sapadin. Rudymental by Rudy Gowern. Shirley Murphy by Mike Huestis.

Cheesy Poofs

Swissterz by Danny Raymond. Ta-cha-chada by Pete Sapadin. TaChaDa by Jim Yakas. TaDaCha by Bill Bachman. Tu-Charles by Bill Bachman.

Twisted Swissterz by Danny Raymond. Unnamed Hybrid by Pete Sapadin. Waltdiddles by Nick Angelis. Nice ‘n Easy by Zach Schlicher. Nuttchada by Zach Schlicher. Patafla-fla Hybrids by Zach Schlicher. Single Back by Zach Schlicher. To find out more about how we use cookies and how you can change your settings, read our privacy policy Accept Cookies Reject Cookies X.