This itinerary will start from Spoleto train station, the town that hosts the famous festival “la Città del Festival dei 2 mondi” and that offers beautiful attractions such . Spoleto. S. Anatolia di Narco / Vallo di Nera / Cerreto. Preci / Norcia / Cascia. Valtopina Cartina dell’Umbria teleone di Spoleto, Norcia, Poggiodomo, Pre-. is an on-road and off-road, non-competitive international motorcycle race for two different motorbike classes. The event will be held from 28 April to 1 May

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The new Assisi-Spoleto bike path offers a cycling holiday well worth considering for families, professional bikers, children and adults who love nature and enjoyment.

The route is flat and very pleasant with very few minor slopes. Most of the route is free from car traffic and therefore very safe and suitable for families with children. You will be given all the necessary materials and maps to find your way around; your guide will be available at all times. On the route, you may find yourself tempted to stop off at some of the many wine cellars and also enjoy tasting typical Umbrian cuisine.


The cities of the itinerary ” Assisi – Spoleto Bike Path”. It was originally a small village inhabited by Umbrians and under the control of the Etruscans until BC when the Romans took over. Assisi is known mainly for St.

Francesco who, after his death inbecame a symbol of peace and brotherhood among all peoples of the earth. The village is named after the imposing basilica built in and designed by Galeazzo Alessi.

“Sweet Ginevra” apartment – Opificio de’Frati, Spoleto – Updated Prices

Inside, beneath the imposing dome, lies the Porziuncola. After restoring spoleyo Porziuncola, which, at the time, was hidden in the woods, he often used this chapel as a retreat.

The Basilica includes a museum containing priceless paintings and precious sacred objects one of the most famous works being a large terracotta statue by Andrea della Robbia dating from the end of approx. This pretty village between Soleto and Foligno contains a fascinating mix of Roman and Medieval architecture. Bevagna today is famous for the Gaite celebrations which takes place every year from June 17th to 27th.


It offers tourists historical re-enactments of medieval crafts such as glass making, blacksmiths at work, demonstrations of silkworm breeding and much more. Moving south we head into the area of Terni.

From Fine Art to the Peaceful Rivers

Throughout history, Spoleto was an important destination for the rich and well-known and many of them were influenced by the beautiful buildings of this city. People like Michelangelo Buonarroti an Italian painter, sculptor, architect and poet drew great inspiration from the town.

Dane Johan Ludvig Lund made many valuable notebook sketches of landscape and views of the town.

By the way, something not to miss, when cycling through Spoleto, are its famous and delicious truffles which are served in many typical Italian dishes, not least tagliatelle in truffle and cream sauce — Buon Appetito!!!