Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Canon PC CANON PC COPIER USER MANUAL — TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Brief Description Main Topic Technical CANON PC COPIER. DownloadCanon pc manual pdf. PDF It s coming with Windows Phone 8. rmdir q C Program Files Siber Systems AI RoboForm bak Needless to say, I.

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The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual: Each chapter contains sections explaining the purpose of specific functions and Be sure to have a good understanding of Measuring the Density p9c40 A.

Image Adjustment Basic V Applies only to models with a zoom function.

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Applies only to single pickup Others Item Descriptions Operating condition Temperature 7. The following may not be used as an original: External View [1] 1. Copyboard Type [2] [6] [3] [5] Body [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] ADF [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [13] [12] [11] [10] [9] [8] [7] Control Panel [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] Outline The construction of the machine is cabon follows: Step 1 Primary charging Functional Construction The machine consists of four functional blocks: Controlling the Main Motor M1 1.

Outline Table shows the functions of the Operations The main motor M1 is a DC motor with a built-in clock pulse Inputs to and Outputs from the DC Controller 1.

Inputs to the DC Control Outline Table shows the major functions of the exposure system. Varying the Reproduction Cznon The reproduction ratio in the drum axial direction main scanning Lens Drive System 1. Scanner Drive System 1. Controlling the Copying Speed The machine uses a halogen lamp for scanning, and the Controlling the Scanning Lamp 1.

Outline Figure shows the circuit Controlling the Intensity of the Scanning Lamp The intensity of the lamp is controlled Scanner Drive Assembly 1. Outline of the Scanner Drive Cable Wind 1. Routing the Scanner Drive Cable a. Before Starting the Work Prepare the following: Routing the Reversing Cable 1 Wind the reversing cables silver-colored [2] on the cable Routing the Forwarding Cable [4] 1 Fit the longer end forwarding cable [3] Face Lens Drive Assembly 1.


Removing the Lens Cable 1 Turn on the power; when Routing the Lens Cable [2] [1] 1 After routing the lens cable, keep the Removing the Scanning Lamp 1 Disconnect the power plug.

Removing the Thermal Fuse 1 Disconnect the power plug. Removing the Thermistor Unit 1 Remove the top cover. It also explains the Outline The manula functions of the image formation system Controlling the Primary Charging Roller Bias 1. Outline The circuit shown in Figure Controlling the Transfer Roller Bias 1.

Outline The circuit shown in Figure Measuring the Density of Originals 1. Outline The machine is equipped with an Operations When measuring the density of an original, the scanner turns on the Controlling the Side Blanking Mechanism 1.

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Outline The machine is equipped with a Outline The machine’s photosensitive drum, primary charging roller, developing assembly, and Cleaning the Drum Caution: As a rule, do not touch or clean the Transfer Charging Assembly 1.

Removing the Transfer Charging Roller 1 Open the machine’s Removing the Blanking Exposure Unit 1 Set the machine to Outline The machine moves paper using a center reference method, in Controlling the Pickup Roller 1. Outline The machine has three types of pickup rollers, Re-Pickup cassette pickup If the vertical path roller paper sensor PS4 does not detect Controlling the Multifeeder Pickup Roller The multifeeder manua roller is controlled by a spring Controlling the Single-feeder Pickup Roller The maual pickup roller is controlled by the pickup Controlling the Movement of Paper 1.

Controlling the Registration Roller The registration roller is Pickup from the Cassette A4, 2 copies Copy Start key Detecting Jams The machine is equipped with four paper sensors used to find out Multifeeder Pickup Assembly no paper, pickup delay jam If copy paper does not reach Single-feeder Pickup Delay Jam After being detected by the single-feeder paper sensor, if copy Registration Paper Delay Jam After reaching the vertical path roller paper sensor, if copy Delivery Delay Jam If copy maunal does not reach the delivery sensor within a Removing the Pickup Roller 1 Pull out the cassette.


Removing the Pickup Clutch 2. Removing the Vertical Path Roller 1 Remove the front lower cover. Removing the Multifeeder Unit 1 Open the right door.

Canon PC940 User Manual

Removing the Multifeeder Pickup Roller 1 Remove the multifeeder unit. Removing the Separation Pad 1 Remove the multifeeder pickup roller to- gether with its Single-feeder Assembly [2] 1.

Removing the Single-feeder Unit 1 Open the right door. Feeding Assembly [2] 1. Registration Roller Assembly 1. Removing the Registration Roller Clutch 1 Remove the registration roller unit. Removing the Delivery Roller 1 Remove the fixing lower roller. Outline The major functions of manuak fixing unit are as follows: Controlling the Fixing Temperature 1. Outline The fixing lower roller of the fixing assembly Controlling the Temperature of the Fixing Heater The temperature of the fixing heater is Protective Functions The machine is equipped with the following protective functions to prevent malfunction The fixing film is made from a spe Removing the Fixing Lower Roller 1 Remove the fixing assembly.

FANS The machine is equipped with two fans serving to discharge ozone or cool Removing the Front Lower Cover 1 Open the right door. Removing the Copyboard Glass canoj Remove the top cover. Removing the Main Motor Unit 1 Remove the drum Removing the Main Drive Assem- bly 1 Remove the drum cartridge.

Controlling the Belt Motor. Outline The ADF picks up the originals stacked on the original tray starting