2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Manufacturer, Part no, Datasheet, Electronics Description. Mospec Semiconductor, 2SC, POWER TRANSISTOR(5A,50V,15W). Sanyo Semicon . Electronic Manufacturer, Part no, Datasheet, Electronics Description. ON Semiconductor, 2SCE, Bipolar Transistor (-)50V, (-)5A, Low VCE(sat), (PNP )NPN.

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I got lots of emails asked about the tarnsistor part number for C transistor that were used in many LCD Monitors. I normally asked them to buy online as original part number is still the best part for replacement as it is not easy to get a replacement for this transistor.

For your information if you have the C transistors you can replace it with C and i have tested it and the LCD Monitor worked perfectly okay. Try use TIP transistor as recently i came across a website that says that it can be use for replacement for C The TIP is bigger in size compare to C but with some adjustment you could easily fit into the board.

Try it and please let me know about the result. By the way you can download the C transistor data or specification from this website-please click HERE. Hello all, I found this website for an exact Sanyo C transistor replacement: Hi Jestine, While building some small projects I sometime can’t find the exact transistor to use so I need a replacement, do you transustor a website I can use which I can type the trans No.

And it doesn’t work properly tested on VEb – display starts but 2 seconds later the backlight is go by dick off. Thank you for your attention! Best regards from Russia! Second time I have changed C transistor and it burns after a minute or two when monitor is ON. Don’t know from where to start looking Check to see if the tuning cap have problem or not.


Hello Justine, C can be replaced with C 2SC because i have tested many trasnistor but only with this one lcd monitor worked okay. Thanks for the good info. My side here I will use back the original number since I could easily get them. If the readers can’t get this number they can always try the number you have suggested. It can be bulged e-caps, dry joints in transitsor transformer, one of the high voltage transformer have problem and one of the backlight weak.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. My receiver has no inflated cap on power boar Whishing you and your family fro Hi my dear jestine. Thanks,im happy to see y Hi Chad, It is great to hear from you again. Hi Jackson, Good to hear from you again. Hi Parthiban, Thanks and wishing ttansistor Happy N By Jestine Yong on August 25, Likes 8 Dislikes 4.

Likes 1 Dislikes 2. Hi Fong, Sorry i do not have the part.

2SC5706 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Jestine Likes 1 Dislikes 1. Brian Evans May 2, at 1: Brian E Likes 2 Dislikes 1. Bernard July 8, at 8: Likes 0 Dislikes 0. Hi Bernard, Try check this v5706 http: Jestine Likes 0 Dislikes 0. HI Farzad, Sorry i do not have the equivalent part number. Shammy November 24, at 7: Likes 2 Dislikes 0.

Hi Nana, According to the databook you can use bux84, 2sc,2sc, 2sc Jestine Likes 1 Dislikes 0. Hi Hari, Sorry no info on that part number. Voyager March 8, at 5: Jestine Yong March 10, at HI Voyager, Check to see if the tuning cap have problem or not.


Jestine Likes 1 Dislikes 0.

Terry Hurley January 3, at Likes 1 Dislikes 1. Jestine Yong January 3, at Hi Terry, What is your question? Jestine Likes 3 Dislikes 0. Mwila January 24, at 8: What is the turning cup Likes 1 Dislikes 0.

Darkmen June 23, at 8: Jestine Yong June 23, at 9: HI Darkmen, Thanks for the good info. Jestine Yong June 26, at 8: HI Adm, It can be transisstor e-caps, dry joints in the transformer, one of the high voltage transformer have problem and one of the backlight weak.

c equivalent transistor datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Jestine Yong January 28, at 9: Hi Abel, If possible let it run longer. If still hot then buy the part from utsource. Jestine Yong October 16, at 8: Jerald March 5, at 5: Thanks for the info Likes 0 Dislikes 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Posted December 29, 4. Posted December 29, 2. Posted December 28, Posted December 18, 7. Posted December 18, Posted December 14, Repair Tips Popular Comments.

Samsung Phone Charger Repair December 29, 4. December 29, 2. Tgansistor 28, December 18, 7. December 18, December 14, January 31, August 19, June 23, September 5, dayasheet There are many reasons why the horizontal output November 2, May 9, April 17, Repairing Computer Motherboard I got a good blog post by Ranotosh on Like Us On Facebook.