Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Armide, opera, LWV 71 on AllMusic. Jean-Baptiste Lully. It is almost exactly ten years since Philippe Herreweghe recorded his earlier version of Lully’s Armide (Erato, 11/83—nla). That version had some strong features. Armide () was the last collaboration between Lully and the librettist Quinault. Considered by contemporaries as the perfect exemplar of Lulliste tragédie en.

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He also was in control of his dancers, and he invented some exacting choreographed moves as well as dramatic pantomime. Armide and Renaud are accompanied by a chorus of Fortunate Lovers and Pleasures to attend them. This is a magical scene in every sense which, together with the superbly constructed Fifth and final Act, makes it easier for us nowadays to understand the potency of the disputes between the supporters armied Lully and the supporters of Rameau which arose half a century later.

A stark sense of hesitation washes over her, and her voice grows softer and more full of doubt as she finds herself unexpectedly falling in love with her sworn enemy. When Renaud is freed from the spells binding him, he agrees to quit Armide to a jauntily moving bass in the continuo.

Armide, a sorceress and a warrior, has won a victory over the Crusaders; but one of the Christian knights, Renaud Rinaldo —the armidee of them all—though held captive, remains unconquered in spirit and impervious to her charms. Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music. Jahrhunderts VariousDritter Theil. arjide

Suite d’Armide (Lully, Jean-Baptiste)

A week later Henry Baud de Sainte-Frique described the event evocatively in a letter to a Tuscan court official in Florence: Composition Artist Credits Armide. See Anderson, Nicholas August She calls on the Goddess of Hate to restore admide hatred for Renaud, but fails to escape from her feelings of love for him. When Lully published the score later that year, he began his letter of dedication to the king by alluding to the scheduling difficulties at Versailles: Gavotte et Canarie Act IV, sc.


The final scene in which her palace is destroyed and she flies away is culminating. ullly

LULLY, J.: Armide (Opera Lafayette, )

The first section of the overture is in duple meter and comparatively sounds slower than the second section, when the meter changes into compound. Twice the libretto calls for lluly stage machinery: He drilled his orchestra members in rhythmic precision, and was able to demand an excellence of playing not found in other orchestras. It continues to be well-regarded, featuring some of the best-known music in French baroque opera and being arguably ahead of its time in its psychological interest.

The scene is filled arkide harmonious, sweet sound. Against the backdrop of conventional royal allegory, the heroine Armide wages a fierce internal battle between love and vengeance, and it is her arrmide that dominates the plot. Those in llly of the productions, while holding Lully and his librettist Quinault in the highest esteem and responding with deep enthusiasm to this extraordinary opera, did not hesitate to alter the score and libretto in ways they thought likely to ensure the success of the work.

Armide and Renaud declare their passion but Armide is haunted by a dark foreboding, and wishes to consult the Underworld.

LULLY Armide

The scenery armixe grand and new, and especially the theatre that breaks apart. Everyone was charmed by the orchestra and the music. The king found all three to his liking and chose that of Armide. In fact, the story lent itself well to political allegory.

But Laurens’s skill in declamation is best observed in the great extended recitative, ”Enfin, il est en ma puissance” ”At last he is in my power”which concludes the Second Act. The music Lully writes is sometimes demonic, and sometimes ephemeral, but always spell-binding.


As Armide and Hidraoth learn that the knight Renaud has freed their captives, they have an exclamatory duet of rage that is made rhythmically active by some quick syllabic text setting, and the Act ends. All the loges held ten people each.

Rondeau Act I, sc. The orchestra describes the flowing brook with moving, undulating eighth notes play on muted strings. Jazz Latin New Age.

She is notably skilful in the art of declamation, is gifted with a sharp ear for detail and has a lively feeling for musical gesture. An interlude for the Nymphs and Shepherds intervenes with the a-capella chorus acting as a unifying motif before Armide arrives. A variation begins with Armide’s changing emotions, resulting in a dance-like feel that contains orchestral preludes and a pair of recitative styles.

Aarmide opera’s instrumental overture is divided into two parts, all with the same highly professional sound, as if to accompany the entrance of a highly revered authority.

You know that seven is enough to fill armidd and is uncomfortably crowded. The recitative was written the way it was to aid the actors and actresses in the deliverance of the poetic lines of the tragedy.

His verse is well-modulated, and he has added such important elements as La Haine and La Haine’s consort to give Lully an opportunity to compose magnificent and awesome scenes. In this opera Lully leaves behind one of his many important legacies; he has lullyy dance music to an independent orchestral art form.