Datasheets, AMMC Design Resources, Development Tool Selector · IoT Product Selector. PCN Obsolescence/ EOL, Mult Devices EOL 01/Dec/ AMMCW10 Broadcom / Avago RF Amplifier Amplifier GaAs MMIC TWA datasheet, inventory & pricing. AMMC is a broadband PHEMT GaAs MMIC. TWA designed for medium output power and high gain over the full 30 KHz to 40 GHz frequency range.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The design employs a 9-stage,cascade-connected FET structure to ensure flat gain and power as well as uniform group delay. E-beam lithography is used to produce uniform gate lengths of 0. For improved reliability and moisture protection, the die is passivated at the active areas.

Absolute maximum ratings for continuous operation unless otherwise noted. Small-signal Gain dB Return Loss Input and Output. Output Power P-1 and P Gain and Reverse Isolation.

Data obtained from on-wafer measurements. Gain and Return Loss with Temperature. Noise Figure and Voltage. To achieve this drain current level, Vg1 is typically between —2.

AMMC-5024 – Avago Technologies

Typically, DC current flow for Vg1 is —10 mA. When not being utilized, Vg2 should be left open-circuited. This feature further 5042 the versatility of applications where variable gain over a broad bandwidth is necessary. This second gate bias Vg2 is connected to the gates of the upper FETs in each cascode stage through a small de-queing resistor.

Thus, with Vg2 left open-circuited, the drain current is set by the Vg1 gate bias voltage applied to the lower FET in each stage. The nominal open circuit voltage for Vg2 is approximately 2 volts. Under ammmc operating condition, maximum am,c and power are achieved from the TWA. By applying an external voltage to the second gate bias Vg2 less than the open-circuit potential, the drain voltage on the lower FET can be decreased to a point where the lower FET enters the linear operating region.


This reduces the current drawn by each stage. At larger negative values of Vg2 between 0 and 524 Using the simplest form of assembly Figure 20the device is capable of delivering flat gain over a 2 — 50 GHz range with a minimum of gain slope and ripple.

Figure 21 shows a typical assembly configuration. When bypass capacitors are connected to the AUX pads, the low frequency limit is extended down to the corner frequency determined by the bypass capacitor and the combination of the on-chip 50 ohm load and small dequeing resistor.

Ammc-5024 30khz – 40ghz RF PHEMT MMIC Amplifier PATENTIX Ltd

At this frequency the small signal gain will increase in magnitude and stay at this elevated level down to the point amcm the Caux bypass capacitor acts as an open circuit, effectively rolling off the gain completely. The low frequency limit can be approximated from the following equation: Caux is the capacitance of the bypass capacitor connected zmmc the AUX Drain pad in farads.

With the external bypass capacitors connected to the AUX gate and AUX drain pads, gain will show a slight increase between 1. This is due to a series combination of Caux and the on chip resistance but is exaggerated by the parasitic inductance Lc of the bypass capacitor and the inductance of the bond wire Ld. Therefore the bond wire from the Aux pads to the bypass capacitors should be made as short as possible.

Do not attempt to apply bias to these pads. RF bond connections should be kept as short as possible to reduce RF lead inductance which will degrade performance above 20 GHz. An optional output power detector network is also provided. Ground connections are made with plated through-holes to the backside of the device; therefore, ground wires are not ammcc. For microstrip applications the chip should ajmc attached directly to the ground plane e.


For best performance, the topside of the MMIC should be brought up to the same height as the circuit surrounding it. This can am,c accomplished by mounting a gold plated metal shim same length as the MMIC under the chip which is of correct thickness to make the chip and adjacent circuit the same height.

Avago AMMCW10 Amplifier Die QTY:4 | eBay

The amount of epoxy used for the chip or shim attachment should be just enough to provide a thin fillet around the bottom perimeter of the chip. The ground plane should be free of any residue that may jeopardize electrical or mechanical attachment. The chip is um thick and should be handled with care. This MMIC has exposed air bridges on the top surface and should be handled by the edges or with a aammc collet do not pick up the die with a vacuum on die center.

Bonding pads and chip backside metallization are gold. RF connections should be kept as short as reasonable to minimize performance degradation due to undesirable series inductance.

Ammc 30khz – 40ghz RF PHEMT MMIC Amplifier PATENTIX Ltd | eBay

A single bond wire is normally sufficient for single connections, however double bonding with 0. Gold thermo-sonic wedge bonding is the preferred 50024 Caution should be taken to not exceed the Absolute Maximum Rating for assembly temperature and time. Eutectic attach is not recommended and may jeopardize reliability of the device.

Ablebond LMl silver epoxy is recommended 2. Bond wire length is not important Figure A,mc subject to change. This paper reveals a model of an optical front-end Lower 6 GHz band assignment criteria.