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Still, Dervia am optimistic and continue to hold out for that derfis book that will give us a fresh take on the American Muslim experience.

It makes the book feel ‘better’, more literary, more of an achievement – but it also makes it far less compelling than it could have been.

You will be the same. Nevertheless, a beautifully told and engaging story. She contantly reminds Hayat that forms of worship aren’t important to God, what’s important are the intentions of his heart. Having it memorized came in handy for a college course he was taking.


Reading it, I was reminded of a quote from a brilliant writer friend of mine: Ivy-educated, actor, playwright and student of Sufi masters! Ovakav stil pisanja volim. But the novel is also, very specifically, a coming-of-age story that is intertwined with the discovery of Islam.

Boy undergoes various family or other personal conflicts to emerge with less-naive but still deeply personal connection to cultural heritage and defines his own relationship to his faith perhaps influenced by a ‘s America obsessed with independence of spirit. But when her husband divorced her, he threatened to take custody of their son when the boy turned seven.


Američki derviš – Knjizara MI

There is so much chaos in their household. The fact that the whole story is told from his POV in a reflective manner and that he’s not as in the drama as he should be that he doesn’t confront his philandering father or his overly emotional and submissive mother or his faithful auntie in a bad relationship makes him very submissive and the story run a bit too long. Aunt Mina – is very religious and teaches Hayat the value of Islam.

Translated by, Tina Antonini. I didn’t care for this book.

There was a lack amrricki nuance and americki dervis lack of dervls in these characters that rendered them unlikeable and unrelatable. The constant and explanatory nature of Islam was distracting and, in my humble opinion, overdone.


The epilogue, in particular, was a way of allowing Hayat, the protagonist to ameficki his guilt slightly absolved. His mother does — but is chronically angry at her philandering husband with white woman. In the end, the realism of American Dervish is both a plus and a minus. Studying the Quran by Mina’s side and basking in the glow of her attention, he feels an entirely new purpose mingled with a growing infatuation for his teacher.

This book, American Dervish, rehashes the old in a connect-the-dots, pred This is definitely a fast read. I saw them as archetypes and I suppose that those profiles exist for a reason but those characters, and therefore their interplay into the novel didn’t ring quite as true for me.


He experiences an euphoric high: My ex husband and I converted to Islam nearly 40 years- I was americli Muslim for 15 years- My grown daughter has I enjoyed this book and read in in a day!!

This is among them. I think his words are a plea for reconciliation — with the past, with conflict, with love, and with the divine. Ayad Akhtar was a natural as narrator. Mina is greatly influenced by the Sufi dervishes, mystics whose orthodoxy conservative Muslims have always considered suspect, holy men who seek to surrender everything that might separate them from God’s love.

All the while, however, Hayat falls hard for Mina in the serious crush kind of way all of us can remember from our youth, and Hayat’s relationship with Islam unfolds alongside his awakening sexuality.

Američki derviš

I had a harder time accepting the more derviz characters in the greater Muslim community. Lots of conflict ahead — familial and religious — with terrible consequences.

Thanks for telling us about the americki dervis. That’s what the Sufis teach. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

However, with some I felt that the “juiced up” versions of these p The last time I experienced a book like this was after reading The Namesake.