Folgen. Alfred Mertins. University of Lübeck M Doneva, P Börnert, H Eggers, C Stehning, J Sénégas, A Mertins. Magnetic Signaltheorie. A Mertins. Teubner. Alfred Mertins’s research works with citations and reads, Alfred Mertins has expertise in Social Science and Anthropology. Signaltheorie. Applications. Alfred Mertins @B.G. Teubner Stuttgart , Mertins, Signaltheorie .. I produced the first lecture notes for courses on signal theory and linear.

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Alfred Mertins: ISIP

Senior research fellow University Western Australia, Perth, Ein wesentlicher Aspekt der Signaltheorie besteht darin, Methoden anzugeben, die besondere Einsichten in die Eigenschaften von Signalen bzw. Bei den nichtlinearen Analysemethoden ist die Wigner-Verteilung hervorzuheben.

Vorausgesetzt werden Grundkenntnisse der Fourier-Transformation, der Beschreibung linearer Systeme und der Matrizenalgebra. Signal analysis gives an insight into the properties of signals and stochastic processes by methodology. Linear transforms are integral to the sifnaltheorie growth of signal processes as they characterize and classify signals.


In particular, those transforms that provide time–frequency signal analysis are attracting greater numbers of researchers and are becoming an area of considerable importance.

The key characteristic of these transforms, along with a certain time–frequency localization called the wavelet transform and various types of multirate filter banks, is their high computational efficiency. It is this computational efficiently which accounts for their increased application.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Mertins

This book provides a complete overview and introduction to signal apfred. It presents classical and modern signal analysis methods in a sequential structure starting with the background to signal theory.

Progressing through the book the author introduces more advanced topics in an easy to understand style. Including recent and emerging topics such as filter banks with perfect reconstruction, time frequency and wavelets. With great accuracy and technical merit, this book makes a useful and original contribution to the current literature. Son of Helmut and Helena Mertins.

Alfred Mertins – Google Scholar Citations

Diploma, University Paderborn, Germany, Habilitation, Hamburg University of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy honoraryHamburg University of Technology, Main Photo Add photo. School period Add photo. Other Photos Add photo. Alfred Mertins published on April, http: Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


Born January 2,