This is a discussion on Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden within the Educational Resources forums, part of the Commercial category;. Dr. Alexander Goulden’s new course, Secrets of Chronocrators, is the . to his first course, Behind the Veil, we asked if he could provide us with. The IT_GouldenBox tool for NinjaTrader is a version of a creation of Dr. Alexander Goulden, author of Behind The Veil.

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And it approaches the limit of what Dr. After a particular scare in March, the medical team became very concerned that the baby may arrive in days and I was hospitalised and given steroid injections to accelerate the development of his lungs.

This shows that all of the most essential timing tools needed to forecast important pivot points, and the ths tools used to identify essential price entry and exit points and to determine the nature of the trend are clearly presented and demonstrated in this book.

Integrity Traders Indicators all. Mu gut is he didn’t die rich, but who knows how much he blew along the way: Sep 21, 1 0 However, the new trading course by Dr. A trader need only identify gouldej few such runs per year in order to make large profits with very little trading activity.

All red and green lines represent pivot points projected in advance!


Regarding the nature of the trading applications in this course, there are at least two very powerful geometric tools used for price level projection and trend determination.

Goulden began to investigate the methods of Gann, seeing the exercise as that of applied metaphysics to a particular field behiind energy mechanics. Business Models Will Have to Change allexander hours ago. They regulate the eternal fission-fusion cycles through the first phase of which ante-matter units of conscious sound vibration alexannder apart to form interconnected units of bi-polar light radiation.

Thank you,AM,for the information. It is goullden universally agreed upon by successful traders that if you know WHEN to take your positions, WHERE to enter and exit your trades to maximize profits, as well as where to place your stops so as to limit your risk without getting knocked out of your positions, and HOW to determine the nature of the ensuing trend, that you will be successful in your trading endeavors. An update on ascribe 4 months ago. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.


Really, in the context of applicable and potentially profitable wisdom, this course is underpriced, particularly when you consider that its price is about the same as is charged for many common weekend courses on the financial markets which teach most traders very little, and is also less than a single one semester college course in any subject at any private university. Whilst they would have been very useful, he refrained from using any of the techniques presented in Behind the Veil.

That time has now come, and after 6 months of dedicated and diligent work, Dr. His research at Cambridge University focused on the theory-dependence of scientific observation.

If one asks professional traders what the most fundamental necessities required to make consistent profits in the markets are, they will generally all boil their expertise down to a few key fundamentals. My Transaction Is Stuck. In fact current statistics on housing prices imply that things will probably get a lot worse before they seriously improve.

Once this is achieved, there are many tools which will become much more effective in producing consistent profits. Whether you are a conservative investor or speculative trader, these tools will allow you to call turns and trade the short or long term trends of the market, whether it is going up or down, while allowing you to limit your risk and while maximizing your returns. While we believe the information contained herein to be accurate, all numbers should be verified by the reader through independent sources.

Goulden is willing to teach. Ibrahim Karim and the Bioresonance concepts and instrumentation of Paul Schmidt.

It also reveals certain astrological secrets which determine price. Whatever behimd explanation, we can confirm the phenomenon exists- and it contradicts behond random-walk model. Land,my high school Geometry teacher,I would have assumed you were discussing an order of snakes. In truth, with the advantages of modern computer analysis, the winning trades should far exceed the losing ones. However, he has emphasized that this will NOT be a place where he will be teaching introductory astrological principles or addressing questions by beginners who have not yet developed a foundational understanding of the subject.

Thus, for students who have no experience with astrology, whether classical or financial, you are unlikely to gain benefit. A Hand up Man’s Back? Alex simply said that he could see the best dates were those. The tools in this book serve to unveil the workings of this mass sympathetic resonance, and give corrective techniques that allow the aware trader to adjust his trading style so as to avoid the pitfalls of consensual trading.


During this dialogue, I asked Dr. Truly, a calamitous era that insists on flaunting all predictions. Mark, don’t be daunted by the material on this blog. Maybe our dearly held assumptions are wrong. After many years of study, Dr. Contrary to orthodoxy, price changes are very far from following the bell curve.

Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden

Gann produced his forecasts, and George Bayer explicitly admitted that his methods were based upon this science. For those who have a real and sincere interest in heavyweight astrology and market science this course will teach important principles which will greatly assist in trading glulden markets.

One just needs to know how to take advantage of them through foresight and strategy. His techniques have been shown to work in all markets, stocks, commodities, indices and Forex, and on gouldsn time frames from minute to monthly, with incredible accuracy and effectiveness, which when combined with the proper risk management techniques should help many traders discover the trading success they have long desired.

Gouulden 10, 8, 1, www. The data used is believed to be from reliable sources but cannot be guaranteed. Any reference to a transaction, trade, position, holding, security, market, or level is purely meant to gohlden readers about possible risks and opportunities in the marketplace and are not meant to imply that any person or entity should take any action whatsoever without first evaluating such action s in light of their own situation either on their own or through a professional advisor.

The proposition that our Universe is a holographic construct implies that correspondences must exist between all phenomena. Taleb is an amuse bouse, Mandelbrot is a five star feast. GouldenBox squared up on a stock chart.