Buy AEMC online at Newark element Buy your from an authorized AEMC distributor. AEMC Digital Megohmmeter, 50////1, V Test Voltages, 4, Gigohms Insulation Resistance, Kilohms Low-Resistance, 5 Microfarads. Rent or buy the by AEMC in the Insulation | Ground Megohmmeters industry at

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The delivers test voltage combinations of 50, and Volts. User defined PI time intervals may also be programmed, the user may select PI or DAR functions before the test, and the megohmmeter will stop at the appropriate time and display the results.

An automatic test inhibitor prevents testing on live circuits above 25 Volts and discharge test voltage may be displayed.

AEMC V Digital Megohmmeter Insulation Resistance Tester

A memory feature permits displaying, recalling, and storage of resistance values taken at user specified intervals during a test. Test voltage combinations of 50, and Volts. Insulation measurement to GOhms 4TOhms. Direct measurement of sample capacitance.


Display of run time and test voltage. Programmable test run times and PI times. Alarm and Smooth functions.

Providing the finest test equipment solutions since 1992

Automatic discharge after use with voltage display. Large dual display with measurement, voltage, and time. Bright blue electro luminescent backlight.

Remote operation using optional test probe. Rugged dual wall weatherproof field case with detachable lead – accessory pouch.

ENV Cat. Test insulation on motors, transformers, cables, and wiring installations.

Absorption or high resistance tests. Low insulation test range for testing flooded or old installations. Motor insulation resistance measurements. Computer controlled production line testing. Retrotec Blower Door Resources.

105 The AEMC V Megohmmeter is a Digital – Analog Insulation Tester that is designed to facilitate testing by incorporating user friendly functions and automatic measurement features. III Applications Test insulation on motors, transformers, cables, and wiring installations Absorption or high resistance tests Spot reading tests Timed resistance measurements Dielectric DAR tests Polarization PI tests Low insulation test range for testing flooded or old installations Motor insulation resistance measurements Continuity checks Low resistance measurements Computer controlled production line testing.


Programmable Run Time R t. Yes with voltage display. ENV, Cat.