() in helping Christian leaders better serve their church and communities. His strategic planning process (found in “Advanced. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Malphurs, Aubrey. Advanced strategic planning: a 21st-century model for church and ministry leaders /. Of all those books, Advanced Strategic Planning by Aubrey Malphurs (Founder of The Malphurs Group) would be one of the top two.

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Log In Sign Up. Review of Malphurs, “Advanced Strategic Planning” text.

Advanced Strategic Planning: A New Model for Church and Ministry Leaders

The bulk of this paper will summarize the desired purpose for Malphurs text avdanced will reflect that while he accomplishes his purpose of detailing the process of what he calls Strategic Planning, he may have in fact attempted to detail strategkc much of the process that he loses the inspirational and unique way in which many leadership experts believe God has called and led the leaders of the people of God through Scripture and history.

These are the preparation, creation, and implementation phases. In the preparation phase he gives his personal definition of what strategic management SM actually is and what it is not. He states that SM is the envisioning process that a point leader uses malpyurs a team malohurs leaders on a regular basis to think and act so as to design and redesign a specific ministry model that accomplishes the Great Commission in their unique ministry context.

After Malphurs details and argues for the definition and need of advanced strategic planning he moves to strahegic next phase which describes what the process is step- by-step before implementing the strategy. The process phase is divided into nine parts which relate to the: The steps are logically and practically aligned and while Malphurs in his introduction makes the disclaimer that this process is simply the most logical, the discovery of each aspect does not necessarily have to follow in his order.


The various sections are made up of counsel on choosing the team for each process, how to go about each process, and putting the results for each process in writing.

Thirdly, one helpful aspect of the text is that in every section, the opening portions are devoted to the justification of each part or process. It is obvious that Malphurs has spent a great deal of years listening to the various reasons why people may not feel every phase is essential for healthy church growth. Though for this writer, the greatest weakness of Malphurs text is the subjective definitions and steps he uses. For example, in the second section Malphurs argues for malphirs church discovering their core values, advances, mission, and vision.

According to Malphurs and numerous other writers on church growth topics, the mission of the church is the Great Commission and the core values are the fruit of the Spirit.

Advanced Strategic Planning by Aubrey Malphurs – Review | Randy Mann

Every ministry should fall under these over-reaching guidelines or they cannot be said to be biblical. As Malphurs acknowledges in his text in a 4 Ibid. This response fails to answer the objection but rather assumes that the real reason is something other than a biblical objection.

He even agrees on page that there is no Scripture that says that any church passed out a performance appraisal, but that should not keep us from doing it anyways. For this writer, stratwgic is this aspect which is the most curious in relation to how Malphurs describes it.

It seems to this writer that Malphurs is attempting to reconcile the biblical description and examples of vision for a ministry with a congregational and elder led church polity. Yet in Malphurs text he recommends working together with a group of leaders who each decide what they envision for their church, and then these cards are passed to the leader who then incorporates all of the visions into one compelling and challenging vision.


I would love to do that! He creates a process which any self-proclaimed leader can attempt to duplicate and feel as if he or she is following the method which will save their church or ministry when they actually are trying to make a puppet breathe.

Personal Challenges 6 Ibid. Regal, But unfortunately, any leader can follow Malphurs process and likely generate some excitement and direction which they may use to produce some measure of productivity, but as this writer mentions and Barna among others assert, this is not the way in which God had historically lead his church.

God calls leaders, gives them a vision which fits within the universal mission of the church found in the Great Commission, and the result is a thriving and living ministry which is led by God, driven by God through his chosen and anointed leadership to accomplish whatever he desires.

Review of Malphurs, “Advanced Strategic Planning” text | Robert lawrence –

If this means providing a small church for a small group of serious disciples in a region where the majority refuse to respond to the gospel, then so be it. Malphus obedience, not numbers, will always be the measure God uses to judge his people. The Power of Vision: Remember me on this computer.

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